Almost All American Teens Play Video Games

Posted on: 09/17/08 9:48 AM | by Jonathan McKee

“Almost all” … that’s a pretty big number.

Pew internet & American Life Project just conducted a survey finding that 97% of teenagers ages 12-17 play computer, web, portable, or console games.

Some of the findings:

50% of teens played games yesterday.

86% of teens play on a console like the Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii.

73% play games on a desktop or a laptop computer.

60% use a portable gaming device like a Sony PlayStation Portable, a Nintendo DS, or a Game Boy.

48% use a cell phone or handheld organizer to play games.

I always find it interesting to see what games kids are playing.

The ten most popular games among American teens:
1. Guitar Hero
2.Halo 3
3.Madden NFL
5.Dance Dance Revolution
6.Madden NFL 08
8.Grand Theft Auto
10.The Sims

What about game ratings?

32% of gaming teens report that at least one of their three favorite games is rated Mature or Adults Only.

79% of M- and AO-rated game players are boys, and 21% are girls.

A USA TODAY article touched on game ratings as well, summarizing some of the key findings of the report:

Young people are routinely able to get their hands on games that are rated “M” (for mature) or “AO” (adults only). Three-quarters of parents who were surveyed said they “always” or “sometimes” check the ratings on their kids’ games. And yet, half of boys who were questioned listed a game with an “M” or “AO” rating as one of their favorites, compared with 14% of girls.

You can view the entire Pew report here. It starts with a “summary” section that only take a few minutes to read- fascinatiing stuff.

(shout out to YPulse once again for highlighting this report)