Alec’s Birthday List

Posted on: 05/18/10 3:33 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… so my son turned 17-years-old yesterday. We went out as a family and saw Ironman II (great film) and ate at one of his favorite places (Island Burgers)… had a great time.

Last week he gave us his birthday list. My wife and I were rolling when we got it… it’s just so “Alec.”

I had to share it with you. I edited the name out of the last item on his list to keep confidentiality:

Alec’s Birthday List
·         Superpowers- I want to be able to secrete pizza from my pores so that I can have it whenever I want
·         Any Owl City album
·         A Woman –preferably blue, 10 feet tall, and with a tail…
·         Nerdy t-shirts –im dead serious about this, anything to do with superhero’s, video games, movies, or anything nerdy [like Marvel, DC comics, star wars, “Avatar”, *hint*hint*
·         A Flamethrower
·         Lord of the Rings weaponry- e.g. staff of Gandalf the grey/white, sword of Aragorn, bow of legolas, axe of gimli, take your pick
·         Anything manly
·         Star Wars lightsabers- (one of the good ones, not like a kids plastic toy like they should be at least $40 if they are legit) first pick would definitely be Obi-wan’s lightsaber(blue), second choice would be the lightsaber of Yoda(green), and finally third pick would be count dooku’s saber(red)
·         A Snack Trolley -A zipline from the fridge to my room that operates at the touch of a button to deliver delicious snacks to my eager hands quickly and efficiently. This will cut walking time in half and reduce unnecessary effort used when rummaging through the fridge
·         Irish Goodness -Anything Irish is usually already awesome but if you could find anything that’s both Irish and awesome, then that’s…well…awesome (for example, a shelalie is both Irish and awesome, witty Irish jokes are both Irish and awesome, and coffee mugs with witty Irish jokes on them are amazing)
·         Nerdy Goodness –you can use your imagination on this one but if you need help I’ll just start going on a roll and you will get the rhythm… awesome movie posters, life-size figurines of iron-man/storm-troopers, replicas of the handheld Star-trek phasers, blue-ray movies, etc.
·         Foody Goodness –You guys know what I like; Pizza, sandwiches, Pizza, hamburgers, Pizza, bacon, Pizza, donuts, Pizza, chicken, A BEAUTIFUL WOOMUN FEEDING ME PIZZA!!!
·         A Zombie Attack Survival kit
·         Nifty gadgets –Anything that is sneaky, kicks face, and is useful, all at the same time
·         The Key to (a certain Girl’s) Heart –Yes, I greatly desire this more than all the others. But alas, for as a wise person (Sam Worthington, Avatar) once said, “I may have already chosen this woman, but this woman must also choose me.”

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6 Replies to “Alec’s Birthday List”

  1. Dude, your kid is freakin’ awesome (am I going to get in trouble for saying that?)

    You know that you’re going to have an army of youth workers now looking for half of the ridiculous stuff on this list.

  2. Ha… he is freakin’ awesome Adam. I agree. He’s a good kid… and we have fun geekin out together over Star Wars stuff, etc.

    We actually ended up getting him an Ironman action figure, some retro Star Wars t-shirts, etc.

    Yes… let me know if you find a Zombie attack survival kit! 🙂

  3. I would be proud of this too… your son has some incredible wit! And not to mention this reveals what a wonderful relationship you guys have established with him. This almost made me want to go back into youth ministry…

    Probably my fav blog post to date.

  4. Priceless! Have to share with our youth to see if they concur on any of his preferences. FUN!

  5. I found it funny what he considered “nerdy.” Hey! I like some of that stuff, and don’t consider it “nerdy.” Does that make me a nerd, or cool, or a cool nerd?

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