A Movie for the Family… That Isn’t Cheesy!

Posted on: 08/5/10 3:23 PM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s funny… I almost hesitated to title this blog, “A Movie for the Whole Family.” Because that usually means… a cheesy movie that will put parents to sleep!

Pardon my candor. But that’s often the case.

I just screened the new Rob Reiner film Flipped… and it was amazing, and cheese-free! I really enjoyed it.

Many of you know Rob Reiner from films he directed like The Princess Bride or The Bucket List. But this guy’s list goes on: When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, Spinal Tap, Misery, Stand By Me…  Yeah… Reiner has a lot of range.

I loved Flipped. It releases tomorrow- definitely worth bringing the whole family.

Here’s a snipped from my official review:

And I thought movies like this were extinct. Flipped brings good storytelling back to life!

A beautiful film… the type I’d bring the whole family to!

In the spirit of The Wonder Years or My Girl, Reiner takes us back to yesteryear when kids rode bikes to school, climbed trees and played outside.

When 7-year-old Julie met Bryce, it was first love. When 7-year-old Bryce met Julie, it was nothing close. Fast forward to junior high. Flipped follows Bryce and Julie from grade school to junior high, showing us their different perspectives along the way. The story is a journey through love, family-drama, and heartache.


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  1. i reviewed the movie too! I would completely agree. i stated:

    In the movie FLIPPED, from director Rob Reiner, Bryce (Callan McAuliffe) and Juli (Madeline Carroll), go to great lengths to discover how love works. FLIPPED is a romantic comedy about how Bryce and Juli navigate through their individual emotional pain, love, misconceptions of love, family conflicts, and peer pressure, as they realize who they are becoming as individuals.

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