40th Birthday Giveaway

Posted on: 03/18/10 1:04 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Well… my 30’s have just ended. It’s now March 18, 2010 and I am officially 40-years-old.

That’s right… I’m now old!

So to celebrate, I’m going to give away some presents to the first 15 of you that can answer one question!  The answer is something that my blog readers probably will be able to gather from previous blogs. (WE ALREADY HAVE WINNERS… SEE BELOW)I’m going to halt on posting comments until I get all 15 winners who answer correctly. Here’s the question:

QUESTION: What is one of the best presents that I would enjoy receiving through the mail?

Hint: It’s a food, and it’s around $20, but shipping is expensive. I’ve received it as a gift before in the mail and have ranted about it several times in this blog. You need to be specific.

PRIZES- The first 15 people that answer get their choice of the following:

I’m giving away 2 brand new DVD’s of the Sandra Bullock film The Blind Side, coming to DVD on March 23.

– I’m giving away 9 sets of the Touched by an Angel Inspirational Collection on DVD- the FAITH and LOVE DVDs (2 DVDs).

– I’m giving away 4 of my new book CONNECT: Real Relationships in a World of Isolation.

Tell me the answer and the top two prizes you prefer. First come, first serve.

And those of you outside the U.S…. I’m sorry, it’s just too dang expensive to mail to ya. So I have to limit this one to the U.S. subscribers.

WINNERS: Yes, we already have winners! Some people didn’t specify which prize they wanted, so I went by “first come first serve” … and those that followed intructions and specified what they wanted got dibbs on that prize. Blind Side was definitely the most requested- bummer that I only had two copies to give away, then my book CONNECT was the second most requested- only 4 of those, then the Touched by an Angel DVDs (no comment).  🙂

Here they are. If this is you, email me at [email protected] with your mailing address.

Justin Ross- BLIND SIDE
Rick Acred- BLIND SIDE
Heather Plazak- CONNECT
Jason Ruis- Touched By and Angel
Matt DeMateo- CONNECT
Susie Daggett- Touched By and Angel
Chris- Touched By and Angel
Kevin Becht- Touched By and Angel
Janine Graybill- CONNECT
Aaron Vance- Touched By and Angel
Jared Stewart- Touched By and Angel
Jenny- Touched By and Angel
Samantha- Touched By and Angel
Adam- Touched By and Angel

Happy Jonathan’s Birthday!

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34 Replies to “40th Birthday Giveaway”

  1. Giordano’s Pizza from Chicago

    I actually had this for the first time at SYMC and have told the story many times. I agree with you, it is amazing.

  2. Accidentally posted before I was done, not entering twice.

    Giordano’s Pizza from Chicago
    First choice is The Blind Side, followed closely by your book. Thanks!

  3. Giordano’s Chicago Style Pizza…

    Blindside, Connect

    Happy birthday Jonathan!!!

  4. ANSWER: Giordano’s pizza

    CONNECTED, then Blind Side

    Heather Plazak
    18542 Otterwood Ave
    Tampa, FL 33647

  5. That’s easy… Giordano’s Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza!

    Happy 40th man! May teh rest of your life be the best of your life in Jesus’ name 🙂
    – Chris

  6. Is it a Giordano’s Pizza?

    I’ve never seen “The Blind Side” but hear it’s awesome… I’d love to win that.

    Secondly, I’m a youth worker… so the book “Connect” appeals to me as well.

    – Janine Graybill (Pennsylvania)

  7. Sorry, so excited I actually knew this that I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN!!! Thanks for all you do.

  8. Wow! I was so excited I knew the answer that I didn’t finish reading the whole blog either. My 2 choices would be your book, then blindside. This should be my last comment to this post. I hope.

  9. Hey Jonathan is it Giordano’s Pizza from Chicago?

    Thanks for all the resources, BTW. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Very insightful!

    As far as two things I’d like if I’m one of the first, a copy of The Blind Side would be nice, also another copy of Connect (I have one, thought it was awesome, but would give this other copy to a friend).

    Thanks again! God bless you my brother.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    It has to be a stuffed crust pizza from Giordanno’s! Those are absolutely amazing! My wife and I are from the Milwaukee area and loved Giordanno’s! There was one in Milwaukee for a while but then it shut down 🙁 Now, we live in Omaha, NE. No Giordanno’s here… Sad…

    If I’m one of the winners, I want a copy of Blind Side and one of your books (or if that doesn’t work, just 2 of your books).

    By the way, I’m also a Campus Life director with YFC here in Omaha. If I remember correctly, you were involved with CL in the past right? I love it! This is what God has been preparing me for, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the resources!

  11. You would want Giordano’s pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. (sounds awesome!) First choice is your book, Connect, second choice would be Blind Side. Thanks!

  12. I’m going to go with Giordano’s pizza…sounds yummy!

    I’d love a copy of the Blindside or your new book if I’m a winner…

  13. Don’t worry Jon, you were already old, now you just have a number to prove it!

    My guess is one of those pizzas from the place in Chicago that you absolutely love and rave about any time you go there. Really don’t remember the place’s name, so I hope that’s enough. If not, no worries (probably wrong anyway, who mails a stinking pizza?!)

    In the off chance that you mail me something, I’ll go with Blind Side, then Connect.

  14. When I answered before I didn’t tell you top 2 prizes I preferred if I won. That would be the Movie Blind Side or Touched by an Angel since I’ve already bought the book!

    Giordano’s Pizza!

  15. Sorry I didn’t put down the request. Thanks for giving away stuff on your b-day! I’d prefer the blind side DVD, but I’ll take connect – I have it already, but I have a friend I can give it to!

  16. Giordano’s Stuffed Crust Pizza!

    Blind Side, then CONNECT 🙂

    BTW I really enjoy your blogs…great tool for youth ministry!

  17. Hey would that be Giordano’s Stuffed Crust Pizza? I can’t think of anything else that you mentioned, but that one has come up several times! Someday I will try it!!

  18. easy it is a pizza joint in chicago… giordanos
    blindside, connect, whatever…
    happy birthday bro

  19. i forgot to list in my last comment that I would like the blind side dvd please.

  20. Happy B-day!
    I believe your favorite food is; Giordano’s Pizza from Chicago. If by any chance I win something then I would like to get Blind Side, then CONNECT.

  21. Its got to be Giordano’s Pizza.

    I actually got to experience their fine pie for the first time just last year and it was everything you rant about and more.

    Blind Side
    Connect (already have it but would love to give a copy to one of my volunteers)

  22. Giordano’s stuffed crust pizza, it’s the best pizza! and maybe even get it with pepperoni and mushrooms. Happy Birthday day….

    The Blind Side and Connect.

  23. Giordano’s stuffed pizza
    I would love to have another copy of “Connect” and “The Blind Side”

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