26 years with this girl

Posted on: 02/9/17 2:00 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Today Lori and I celebrate 26 years of marriage, and it’s kinda weird… but we still like each other!

We’ve taken a week off and today we are embarking on a dolphin zodiac excursion. The plan is to take a zodiac into the middle of the pacific and swim with Flipper and all his friends! (We’re pretty excited)

If you never hear from us again, that means we mistook sharks for dolphins. Oh well… at least we’ll go out together!

I love being with this girl!

Happy Anniversary, my love!

3 Replies to “26 years with this girl”

  1. Happy anniversary Jonathon. I first meet my wife in the computer room at Uni in 1976. We are still going strong. They say opposites attract – but I believe it is quite the opposite!’ I believe that to sustain a relationship a couple needs to have their key shared values align. We don’t agree on all things but we do on key values.

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