20 Years Ago Today

Posted on: 05/25/10 3:19 PM | by Jonathan McKee

20 years ago today I asked my wife out on our first date.

I met Lori at our church college group in December 1989 for about 5 minutes. Then I went back to school in Santa Barbara (Westmont College). When I came back for spring break I noticed her again– really cute! But she was dating my friend Steve! (Dang it!) When I came back in May I saw her again and was REALLY bummed that she was with Steve. So on May 25, 1990, when I found out that she had broken up with Steve… did I wait even one day to respect Steve?

Nope! I asked her out.

Lori said “yes.”   🙂

Here’s where it get really funny. A bunch of our friends from our church’s college group were going “dancing” that night to this little “dive” by CSUS (California State University Sacramento). This place was a gay bar on some nights, and then bands would come out other nights and draw huge crowds.

Yes… I’m coming to you on the record. My first date with my wife was at a gay bar. (That would have been a good statement for the game “Two Truths and a Lie)

So tonight, I’m surprising her and taking her to that same place, now a sports bar. We’re going to grab an appetizer real quick for sentimental sake… then I’m going to take her to a REAL dinner!

February will be our 20 year wedding anniversary.

20 years later and she’s still HOT!

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