18 Foot Python Attacks Three Year Old

Posted on: 02/11/09 10:22 AM | by Jonathan McKee

18 Foot Python + Child = lunch?

I’m not great at math… but I’ve read enough Far Side Tales to easily see this formula come to fruition. A family decided to take care of their friends’ 18 foot reticulated python. The snake get’s loose (well… yeah!), and it attacks the kid and his mother.

This is crazy… check out just a snippet from this article:

“It took all six of us to get that snake into custody.  It made just a little loop on my hand while we were wrestling with it, and it felt like a vice.  I’ve never felt anything like that,” says Metro Sergeant, Steve Custer.

Custer and officer, Jerry Ybarra, have almost half a century of law enforcement experience between them, but even that could not prepare them for the snake attack they rushed to Tuesday.

“We go into bars after bad guys all the time, guns, never blink an eye, but we looked at that snake, and there was a lot of dancing and screaming going on,” says Custer.

“Once animal control got there, we’d try to grasp him with her little tool that she has, and he would just hiss at us, and that was pretty terrifying,” adds Ybarra.

The Reticulated Python was about eighteen feet long, far bigger than the three-year-old boy it had wrapped itself around.

Hmmmm. Keeping a snake near a toddler. I’ll put this right next to “buy Lil Wayne album” in my parenting “to do” list.

The parents are now being charged- the video here.

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  1. Why would you do that? They don’t deserve to have a child because they are too stupid to figure out that a snake, that eats everything and anything, will try some thing their child. Something bad like, well I don’t know…eat it! O.M.G!!!!!

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