Posted on: 11/20/08 3:58 PM | by Jonathan McKee

A decade ago I wouldn’t understand this at all… but I almost did a backflip yesterday when I went to the gas station and saw only $1.99 per gallon.

I thought the days of less than $2 were gone. Once we passed $4… I thought that was the point of no return. This past summer I did several speaking trips where i remember putting gas in the tank for $4.60 a gallon. (ouch… it hurts just thinking about it!)

Being from California, most other states’ gas prices actually look pretty good comparitively. When i’m speaking in another state, it can be up to 50 cents a gallon cheaper. California is usually one of the highest.

That’s probably why I was soooooo ecstatic when it hit $1.99 at my local station yesterday.  (I wonder how low it is in other states right now?)

Imagine how happy I was when my I filled my Nissan Sentra for only this much!

Woohoo!!!! We have grocery money left!

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  1. I filled my SUV yesterday and the cost was $27.50 at $1.71 a gal. I don’t ever recall spending so little for gas on that vehicle to fill it up. Just in time for Thanksgiving too!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Jonathan! I started following your blog after I read “Getting Students to Show Up” in May. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a chance to put the principles in action before I got moved and now serve as a senior pastor elsewhere. Anyhoo, in central IN yesterday, I was able to get gas for $1.58. Just wondering when the other shoe is going to drop… Is that cynical?

  3. Hey Jon!! In the Twin Cities of Minnesota, gas in some places is $1.62 a gallon and continuing to go down.

    I love it!! Whoever thought cheap gas would look like $1.62 a gallon.

  4. I live in south Africa and our gas prices went up a lot and then dropped a bit again. We are still just below $1 per liter for LRP or unleaded. Our guys were complaining big time about breaking the R 10 barrier. Imagine that. Great blog and great ministry. Keep it up man.

  5. Will it make you feel even better about it if I tell you I got gas yesterday for 2.19? Yep southern Oregon means more expensive than even California…at least right now.

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