Will I get to Chicago?

Posted on: 02/2/11 3:50 PM | by Jonathan McKee

The front page of my Sacramento paper today shows a picture of a bunch of people on the streets of Chicago walking through a blizzard. The paper provided details of horrible weather conditions and canceled flights, basically warning people, “I hope you don’t plan to fly to Chicago this week!”

Sigh! Tomorrow (Thursday) my son Alec and I are flying to Chicago and then driving up to Wisconsin where I’m speaking at a camp for the weekend. Our original flight has already been canceled and we have been rebooked to come in later in the evening. The temperature will be 8 degrees when we land, -9 degrees with wind chill factor. (And those of you who have been to Chicago and felt that breeze blowing across the lake KNOW how cold that wind chill factor really is!!!)

Despite the delay, if our plane actually gets to Chicago, I plan on giving Alec a little “taste” of Chicago. We’re gonna hit my favorite place, Giordano’s Pizza on the way up to the camp, and maybe even a taste of Gino’s or Lou’s on the way down. (Those of you in the know… what’s your favorite Chicago pizza place? Comment below)

Pray for our speaking weekend. I share the Gospel on Friday night, and then on Saturday night I’m talking about bullying– how one person can make a difference (using Philippians 2:1-5). Alec will be sharing a little too, sharing his story. Many of you have heard a little of our experience being bullied in my article, Voices of the Bullied, I wrote a few months ago. Also pray that I can survive an entire weekend with a camp full of Packer fans on a Green Bay Super Bowl weekend! (Aye, aye, aye!)

If you want to hear some of the highlights, I’ll tweet our experiences throughout the weekend.

Sunday afternoon we’re going to catch the first half of the Super Bowl on an airport TV (I know… lame!) and then board our flight home just after halftime. Hopefully the pilot will keep us posted of the score…

… that is, if we make it to Chicago!

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  1. haha well… we got hit by the same blizzard and we’re in the “shoveling out” phase… but apparently there’s more coming. yay?!

  2. We are praying for your trip as we can’t wait to bring students to Timber Lee this weekend. Our leaders have been praying for your talks this past week and that our students will respond. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. Jonathan – favorite pizza: definitely Giordano’s. Don’t even waste your money on Lou’s! (just kidding) Perhaps I could meet you at O’Hare with a steaming hot Giordano’s stuffed crust pizza to reward your epic journey to our frozen tundra?! Hope you have a great weekend at T-Lee. Some of my students still talk about the impact you had in their lives 4 years ago when you spoke there!

  4. Connie’s Pizza is the best! If you haven’t had it yet, get it. I miss the pizza but not the weather. I’m perfectly happy staying here in Miami.

  5. Thanks for the kind notes from all of you. I talked with Alec…and we’re going to definitely try several of these Pizza places this weekend and keep you posted on Twitter. 🙂

  6. Best pizza is Lou’s, buttercrust! We are also going to be in WI for a retreat with HS and MS students. Have fun in the frozen tundra! Go Steelers! If the Bears aren’t in it, have to root for whoever is opposite Green Bay.

  7. Ha… thanks Tracey. Gotta love your “anti-GB” spirit. 🙂

    My buddy Ron up in WI would shudder!!!

    I’ve tried Lous just once so far. I tried the buttercrust and thought it was definitely good, just not as good as Giordanos. I think Alec and I are going to try Lou’s normal crust this weekend so I can give that a try.

  8. This must really be a bitter shock after spending the week in “isolation” with your wife, hey!! It’s even cold in Texas – and for the record, my Moody Bible Institute wife votes for Lou’s pizza – but can you really go wrong with a deep dish – all that cheese. For dessert – do the chocolate chip pizza – hot out of the oven with ice cream and whipped cream on top…

    I can’t say as I’ve done the two places you’ve mentioned, but I do remember a venture to Ginos East (maybe…) but their deep dish has a solid slab of sausage through it – YUMMY!! Do like the kids do – Google!

    Say hi to Chris for us – and GO PACK GO!!

  9. Hi Jonathan, Just a note…I had to root for Green Bay after doing some reading on Ben R. Had to pick morals over rivalry. Sad that these things have to happen, it is such a broken world.

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