When Paparazzi Catch Miley… Going to Church?

Posted on: 09/23/08 9:23 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s amazing how many emails I get asking about Miiley as a role model for our young girls today. Yes, Miley’s been in and out of the news for good and bad. But you gotta love it when a celeb’s top news is, “Miley & Underwear Model Go to Church.”

Miley’s been getting all kind of flack lately for dating some 20-year-old guy (personally, I think that’s an issue to take up with her parents, not her). But hey… at least she took the guy to church.  🙂

I love this pic from msn.com’s gossip page!

This is also a pretty good representation of the “Gen Y” church apparel.

 (thanks to Jamie Locklin for the forward)