What to Do with “Twilight” …Now on DVD

Posted on: 03/20/09 1:36 PM | by Jonathan McKee

“Should I let my kids see Twilight?”

I’ve heard that question from parents more than any other question in the last 12 months.

If you don’t know about Twilight, it’s more than just a movie… it’s been a youth culture phenomenon. And now it hits DVD on a special release this weekend (this film prompted a special Saturday release). My neighborhood Blockbuster Video store is staying open past midnight tonight (Friday) just to rent it out. They are expecting a huge response.

Yes, your kids will probably want to see it and will have countless opportunities to see it (including at school- for those high school kids who are in public schools. PG-13 is okay by most standards).

So what should parents and youth workers do?

We’ve written so much about it in the last few months, I’ll just provide you with the links:

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In summary:  If your kids do see the film, use it as an opportunity for healthy dialogue.

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  1. i love Twilight!! although I am a youth worker, i am 30 yrs old and can make the decision to see it (i have and read the book) and I wont hide that I saw it. I was a bit skeptical at first about it, but I tend to shut down what is super popular…im a leader not a follower, but I did get sucked in eventually! It can make for good discussions with the youth, it can be helpful to watch it to be in tune with what the teenagers are into. Besides, what woman wouldnt want a man like Edward Cullen? Protective and romantic and only have eyes for me?? 🙂

  2. I love when parents ask me if their kids should see this movie or that movie when they’re about to come out on dvd. Usually, their kids have already seen it anyways lol. Many of them allow their kids to go to the movies almost every weekend, never knowing what their kids are watching. I think it’s that whole “not in my house” theology. It’s fine to watch it elsewhere, but don’t bring it in my house and put it on my tv.

    As for Twilight, I tell my parents “NO!” not necessarily because of the content, but because it’s a lame excuse for a vampire movie. Decent chick flick maybe, but if you want a true vampire movie, go back to 1987 and check out The Lost Boys.

  3. i love twilight. there is nothing wrong with that movie. now its your choice what you want your children to see but i wouldnt have any proublem with my kids seeing it, if they were 8 or up. because kids now days knw way more then we did when we were kids. i have a 12 year old daughter and she already knows so much. i have no proublem with her seeing or reading those twilight books. but like i said its your choice how you raise you kids, but proubably the 3rd and 4th book is going to be way diffrent. only if you have read them.

  4. I am a liberal 36 year old who has read each book and owns the movie. I love it. I am THIRTY-SIX! It is a PG-13 movie for a reason people. 8 and up. Pathetic. Let’s sexually charge our children right from birth shall we? My daughter is almost 8 and very innocent. It is possible, regardless of the societal influx of Hannah Montana and High School Musical boy craziness. It is called parenting!!! Youth is a fleeting blessing. Why is this country so eager to sell it?

  5. i read the books and saw the movie several times. originally i thought i wasn’t going to read it but i did and i LOVED it! i am 14 and i dont see anything wrong with it. the movie has only two kisses in it and the books arent graphic in kissing or anything. id say its for 8 and up. theres only one of the books i might stop my kid from reading, breaking dawn(the 4th book) because she becomes pregnant(so obviously she had sex). other than that i would say see the movie and get the book.


    I have read all the books and am now on the last book for the third time!
    I think kids should be alould to watch it cause it only has like two kisses in it!

  8. Well I’ve read 3 of 4 books and I own the movie. Twilight is age appropraiate I believe. I would let my kid go see it anyday. There is cussing, a kissing scene, a scene in a ballet studio were Bella is nearly killed by a vampire and a scene were a vampire gets his head ripped off. At the age of 3 i loved gore so this never would have bothered me. And besides when James gets decapitated and burned its all in the back ground blurred and shadowed If youve never read the book I highly expect you wouldnt know what was happening. AND THERE IS NO SEX AT ALL!! I assure you. The kissing scene Bella is in underwhere but Edward refuses to go any farther than kissing.

  9. twilight is freakin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im 12 and ive read the entire series 3 times already. i read the last book(breaking dawn) after fighting with my mom and sis for a while, and i didnt find anything wrong with it. the movie, well theres nothing wrong with it. sure, theres 2 kisses ( i have seen the movie like 10 times already) but really, isnt there more than that in like every movie? i say you let ur kids watch and read it.

  10. I don’t think there is anything wrong with kids watching the movie Twilight, or reading the book for that matter. There is no profanity, no sex, no drugs, no alcohol. There really is only one violent scene in the movie, and it’s really not even that bad. It’s a love story, but not a mushy-gushy make-out-all-the-time movie. In fact, they only kiss twice in the whole movie. The book is a little more mushy but back to the point – youth are going crazy over this book and I think it’s a great fictional story! Go Twilight!

  11. (One more thing). Even as the books progress and the love story intensifies, Stephanie Meyer keeps it VERY respectable. Bella and Edward don’t have sex until they are married, and the book spares all of the graphic details. There is no describing the sex scene in the book, only a mere reference that it happened. And between a married couple. Can’t get much more traditional/respectable than that in a book about such an intense love relationship.

  12. um I’m sorry but i fail to relate with the over active parent. i swear if you smother your kid, they WILL lash out eventualy. the book does not go into innapropriate details so back off!!! do you remember when harry potter first came out and there was a huge uproar about magic? well i dont thing a movie about mystical creatures are going to corrupt their minds. it is actualy opening their minds and sprouting couriosity and creativity. Even in the movie if it gets too graphic for kids they will rate it appropriatly. let your kids live and create ideas for themselves or you will lose them.

  13. welll…. im fourteen and totaly addicted to the books i love them they are very interesting …..i dont realy want to see the movie because i think that the way i see it in my head its better than the movie…..im not saying the movie is bad…..ich liebe twilight!
    =]im kinda german !!


    seriously, its awesome there is only one little kiss, big deal

  15. OMG I just turned 12 today and I read all of the Twilight books and saw the movie when I was 11. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Edward and Bella are madly in love. Who cares if they kiss 2 times??? Yeah, Breaking Dawn (Book 4)has sex in it, but like jessica said, they are already married and their is no description. I luv Twilight. THey are one of the best books I ever read in my life!!!!! I wish I could find someone like Edward!!!

  16. edward I love you I have my hole Room filled with posters of you I’m your bigest fan even thow I’m 9 years old I love you and jacob and the blond in twiligt that stays with him any way hope you wrigt back I dont relly the queshtons well bey

  17. well i am a huge twierd! (twilight nerds) also referd to as twi-hard! i think it all depends one the age and macherity of the kids. i have read the twilight saga 40-50 times at lest maybe more. if you let them see the 1st movie you cant not let them see the 4th movie wich is the most inaprpet of all besides eclipes. they end up conseving a hafe mortal/vampier baby to put it blandly they kiss a lot as my mom would say. um its ok there are inapreect moments but today what movies dont ya know. i think its all up to ya. good luck w/ your decishon

  18. The first moviand no innaes fine. There are two kisses and no innapropiate scenes. Of course it is your decision as a parent that counts but it is fine for nine year olds and up. Im thirteen but my sister is ten and we have both watched it.

  19. omg! if u dont let yer child watch twilight then you r just to strict. they kiss twice but edward refuses to have sex wit her. in the end, she brakes her leg and theres blood, but the real violent stuff is in the background and u can barely see it. but edward is sexy and yer child may get OCD, jk, lol. MUST LET YER KID SEE IT!

  20. I like twilight!!! If i had kids I’d let them see the movie like when they were like 10 and up maybe… read the first book when theyre 8…

  21. Twilight is 1 of the best movies ever made in history. Most people say it suck, it rocks. One more thing the books are a little bit better, cause who ever made the movie skipped around the book to much. So next time try to go in order.

  22. This is Movie is so awesome that I made my dad go and get at 12:00.I have all the booke the posters and the movie oh yah I have the sound track to. I am a Twilight Freak. Check out the website twilightfreak.com.

  23. I, personally am a HUGE Twilight fan! I have read all 4 books and I was at the movie opening night. I DO think, however, that kids should not be allowed to see this movie until they are old enough to handle the kind of material seen within the books and movies. Usually something like this could be handled by a child around the age fo 12 or 13.

  24. twilight is not graphic basiclly a relationship a child would see if they have older siblings i have read and watched twilihgt over ahundre times in 2 weeks ill be 14 my parents didn’t care if i saw it i told them it helps with my dream of becoming an author and it does i know 5 year olds that have seen twilgiht if the movie gets to graphic which it really isnt just fast foward through the scences that you think are to graphic and fill your kids on what happened the series allows kids to think is it possible for this to be real it allows imagination to soar this will alos teach kids to abstain till marrige if they want to be completly hapy that you don’t need it to be happy and its not like your kids havent seen their parents kiss big deal i have witness them kissing a millon times since i can remember so twilight basicly is nothing they don’t see every day (im in team jasper)

  25. i think you should let your child watch twilight. personally i love twilight and have ocd. all that happens is 2 kisses and a small fight scene but its not that bad. if was bad it would be a 15 wouldn’t it. its more about the forbidden love than the fights, that only happens because edward wants to protect bella from the evil vampires lool. i wouldn’t let her see breaking dawn till shes 12/13 though but its not very descriptive in the book so it probably won’t be in the movie. and stephenie meyer keeps it all very traditional like sex before marriage and all that. its a must see movie, let your daughter go and see it. 🙂

  26. You should let your kids see twilight if they are arounf ten or older. THis movie really rocks! You should watch the movie first to see if you think it is appropriate for your kids.You should be the judge but I think you should let your kids watch the movie. Won’t you feel bad when your kids come home telling you that all their freinds have seen Twilight and love it. I would feel bad for my kid. So anyway my point is YOU SHOULD LET YOUR KIDS SEE TWILIGHT!

  27. Twilight is a good movie! I’m almost 12 and me and my friends have all seen it and thought nothing bad of it. Sure, they kiss a bit. Maybe you wouldn’t want your 8 year old to watch it. But once a kid hits 10 they already know about all of this stuff about kissing and it’s no big deal. Nobody should hide the truth about sex and what not from their kid because when they are older they need to be aware of it all! I know YES i am just a kid. But i’m a smart kid and I know what i’m saying. Plus, me being in the newer generation, I can RELATE and understand. Let your kid watch Twilight if they want to!

  28. Let your kids see twilight. It is not a bad movie at all, and so Edward and Bella kiss 2 times big deal.I’ve seen my mom and dad kiss a million times.I have to say Edward is gorgeous! I’ve only read the first book but my friends told me what in the fourth book, and that they are married so what is the big deal!My friends also told me that Bella has a girl and has to become a vampire.I really wish they wouldn’t of told me. One more thing i was not going to read twilight or see the movie but after i saw the movie i wanted to read the book, and so i did read the book and i took me 12 hours and 51 min(771min)to finish it.
    I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Ahh… Twilight – the fascination of so many teenagers and adults alike. At first, I rolled my eyes when the well known saga came out with the first movie and then to DVD. Then, my boyfriend rented it for me thinking it might be something I want to watch. So I did. Then I found myself being sucked into Bella’s world and struggling to keep myself from wanting to be there. I read all four books afterwards. In all honesty, I see nothing wrong with the movie – it’s PG-13. However, the last book – Breaking Dawn – is a bit much for younger readers. I would say 15 or 16 at the youngest because it hints towards sexual relations quite a few times. I, personally, however loved the entire saga and wish she would continue it.

  30. I think that twilight is a bit overrated. NOTHING could be as good as Harry Potter – I mean how can anyone be compared to the genius J.K Rowling? But I think it is a bit too mature for young children under 12 years old. The entire book is about loving someone you cant have – if it isn’t too mature for 8 year olds i’m sure they would be bored.

  31. i am a parent of 2 and had no problem letting my 6 year old watch the movie, it is not violent till pretty much then end and before watching it we discussed that it was just a movie and none of it was real ( just to make sure he wouldn’t be scared). and he just loved it. i think that you can let our kids watch it as long as you take in to account how mentally and emotionally mature they are. it is now my son’s favorite mom & me time to watch it with a big bowl of popcorn…. he even sings some of the songs and says a few of the lines from the movie.

  32. twilight is really awesome! I think everyone should read it. It is the best book ever and a really good movie! I am the biggest fan EVER!

  33. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!Im compleatly adiccted to it!I think about it all the time!Im ten and i watched the movie 4 times.They only kiss two times,big deal.LET YOU KIDS WATCH IT!LET THEIR IMAGANATIONS GROW!!!


  34. okay…i absolutely love th twilight series!! my mothr who is a very strong faithed person wont budge at all to read about vampires. i try to explain to her about how they are vegetarians(lol) but she just starts ranting about the bible and what god says. im 13 and really dont care what she thinks. i’ve seen the movie exactly 21 times and read the series 14 times. (all without her knowing) i think its a good movie and quite tolerable but you wont understand it unless you read the series. im not going to judge here on if a parent is bad for not letting their child read it but i personally think that its a new experience and enjoyable for all ages.

  35. I am a thirty two year old home schooling mother. My daughter is 12 and I allowed her to watch this movie after watching it myself. It has violence of course (it IS a vampire movie) but nothing much worse than some of the Disney movies do (such as Snow White’s evil step-mother laughing insanely at the idea of burying her alive and then falling to her death to be crushed by a rock after threatening to crush the dwarves bones, or Scar murdering his own brother Mufasa and then being torn apart by the hyenas in Lion King.) What I appreciate about the film Twilight is the way Edward treats Bella. He is a gentleman and genuinely in love. I also think a family of vegetarian vampires is a very cute and creative idea. If your child can be corrupted by something as harmless as this movie, they obviously had issues before the movie even came into the equation.

  36. TWILIGHT ROCKS!! You are crazy if you haven’t seen it, and parents, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE allow your child to watch the movie. You might even like it too! I do agree that under ten is the innapropriate age to watch the movie.
    (Also, a book by: Emmy Watson called The Truth About Anything might be coming out in your neariest book store in 2010!! It very well could be better than twilight!! Plus, they are currently making a movie based on it coming to your theater soon. They’re making it this summer, 2009.!!!)


  38. I have seen the twilight movie and read the first two books. To be honest, I had no interest in the book at all until I saw the movie. It was so captivating that i went ahead and read Twilight and New Moon. So far I have come acroos nothing that I wouldn’t let my children see or read about. Yes, now in the book they are more detailed about kissing and intimatcy than in the movie(they kiss only twice in the movie; but at least 10, if not more, in the book). I have no problem letting my chrildren watch this movie, but I am glad I had a chance to see it before them. The thrid and fourth books though(I have heard this from friends)is alot more detail about intimatcy, so I will read both of those before letting my daughters read them.

  39. Just looking at the comments here, I can see some reasons why I’ve avoided Twilight. It’s an obsession, and an unhealthy one at that. I’m a 17 year old girl, and I bought the book when it first came out. I read it over the course of a week, then put it away and vowed not to read the inevitable sequels. Not because I considered it to be too graphic or sensual–oh, my friends, that was certainly not the reason.

    I put it down, initially, because it was badly written. There was nothing in it that touched me, was at all poignant or important, or made me care about the characters–least of all the void-of-personality Edward. This was before the hype, before the ‘phenomenon’ was anything at all, and no one had heard of the book. But I gave my cynical book report on it the next week, and two days later, two girls in that class had copies (they thanked me for ‘introducing’ them to it, which was not something I had intended to do at ALL)–a number that increased exponentially over the next while.

    Here’s the big problem with Twilight–it’s not that it was poorly written, because about 5% of the readers seem to actually care about that. No, it’s because it’s an obsession. It’s rarely ‘Twilight is a good book’ with these girls. It tends to look more like this: “I’m completely obsessed with Twilight, I love Edward, I want to be a vampire sooo bad!”

    Unrealistic expectations, much? The character of Edward sets girls up to think that having a cold, controlling boyfriend is fine, so long as he’s pretty enough. And that being entirely unable to do anything for yourself without him is also okay.

    I’m not saying that everyone who likes the book is utterly obsessed, but those who are need to pull their heads out of the ground. There are many who can realize that it’s just fiction, that Edward Cullen isn’t real and as such, they will never ‘find their Edward’, etc. However, there are those who are so entrenched in the Twilight ‘saga’ that they are totally buying into the messages of a silly book. A book that doesn’t actually contribute to literature, no less, and has no bearing in reality or decent lessons–except how NOT to write.

    The unrealistic expectations and behavior in the books/movie isn’t going to affect everyone, but it will affect some, and parents should be aware that the messages are there.

  40. I am 11 and I have read ALL the twilight books, I missed the movie in the cinemas…I dont think there is anything wrong with breaking dawn eather.

  41. okay it irritates me that people say this movie is ment for people watch it because of the vanpires and they are into that stuff because its not. its more of a love story. it is a love story and anyone should know that.
    this more is like romeo and juliet and titantic.
    its two people who fall in love that live two totally different lives. and it teachs you a lot about love. never underestamate love because is a very powerful thing. and it shows you that there is such thing as soul mates. and now days you see young girls that just throw themselves at guys because they think they way to get them is having sexual relations and in the book my opinion it shows you that there is more to it then that.
    i love the book and i encourage anyone to read it.

  42. You should because Twilight rocks! I’ve read all the books, the unauthorised companion, the movie companion ( which I bought before the movie was even out!) and I’ve seen the movie 7 times!!!It’s unbelieveably brilliant!

  43. Some parents say its too violent.But the truth is that its a story about love.How a vampire (Edword)belives he is a monster and was ment to destroy.But when a girl (Bella)changes hi world because she shows him how to love.All you people out there should see it. ps.What have you got to lose?

  44. God, some people. Twilight is NOT graphic, there is a kiss, but you find average snogs in Hannah Montana, High school musical and tons of kids shows these days, what the big deal? It may be scary in some scenes if your kid is sensitive, but let anyone 10+ read the books, mainly because the language is complex, and make your own judgement on the film. If you ban them from watching it, it will only make them want to watch it more, and then your kids will lie to you when they watch it at their friends house.

  45. I am 13 years old, and just LOVE Twilight. I’ve read the whole series 4 times, and I own the DVD. There is absolutely nothing inapropriate in the movie exept for 1 kiss. Althought the book has more than 1. But in the series, the only book that HAS something not so apropriate is the 4th one, Breaking Dawn. And there are no details at all about the scenes.

  46. My answer: DON’T. As soon as you let your kid see Twilight, they’re gonna want to read the books. The first book is pretty harmless, but each one gets more sick and sexually explicit.

    I’m fourteen, and the only girl in my school who doesn’t like Twilight. I feel that it’s sexist, poorly-written, and portrays bad messages. Edward is emotionally abusive: he refuses to let Bella leave her home to see her friends, sneaks into her room to watch her sleep, and even took the engine out of her car to keep her at home. Breaking Dawn has sex in it, and Bella even gets pregnant. Not to mention, it just isn’t a good book anyway. The vampires SPARKLE. If you’re going to take your kids to a romance movie, make sure it isn’t Twilight. We have ENOUGH immature Twihards walking around as it is.

  47. I love twilight, and i think all children should be able to see it, as long as they are mature and realise it is not real.my six year old brother watched it and loved it.If your worried about violence or sexual references then ask yourself this, has your kid seen lets see around 80% of the movies,songs or tv shows around now days? probably a yes meaning there is absoutley no harm in letting your child watch or read twilight.the same with new moon or eclipse when they come out. breaking dawn i can understand but still,it depends what they show in the movie, and the book is not that bad,but ill leave that up to you and mature your kid is.i have read all of the books and think they’re great.so i say yes, let your kids watch twilight coz they SHOULD and if they don’t there missing out!

  48. I am ELEVEN I have READ all the books and I have watched the MOVIE. if your child has not watched twilight they are missing out.oh move over harry potter, twilight is WAY better. they skipped alot in the movie(twilight) but oh well, most of the harry potters especially the 3rd and 5th are so badly messed up i cant see how they are meant to be based on the books.

  49. I love twilight and I have all the books read them countlesstimes I also hve a six year old who loves to watch the movie seriously there are worse things out there than that …she loves it her favorite part is where Edward is staring at bella the first time they are in class and she smells her shirt it makes her laugh everytime i dont think there any thing wrong I mean they have worse commercials out there these days so get off your damn high horse and let your kids live a little.

  50. k guys i am 15 and i believe that this is a fine movie for children under 10 to see. maybe not 5 and under but any older is perfectly fine. i am what some people call a partial twitard. because i myself have seen the movie 3 times and own all 4 books (each read about 5-10 times) i think this is a fine movie and really what girl doesnt want a hot, amazing, wonderful, lives for her and her only and is perfect in any aspect. the only problem with this movie is that it raises our expectations of men and love because really NO MAN is as perfect as Edward is pertrayed to be.

    i <3 edward cullen

  51. This movie is awesome! I’m 9 and i am reading all the books in the series. I think you should let them watch it because I know they will LOVE it like me! I <3 Edward Cullen!

  52. yes let your children see TWILIGHT!!!!! i am only 14 and i saw the movie. it was the best movie ever! Twilight is a very appropriate move. my sister Gizelle is only 7 and she saw that movie. yes there is a few kissing scenes and man are they hot! but Twilight is a very appropriate movie and your children will love it. i know i did!!!

  53. Twilight was an excellent movie. i never got the chance to read the book, and i never really cared to see the movie, but somehow a friend forced me to watch it. i always said its just a stupid vampire movie so what. but when i started to watch it i fell in love with it. everyone should see it. and for parents you may think your child is so innocent and knows nothing about sex. but lets face it, by the time your six youve seen something sexual on tv, and realized what you were watching. in addition you send your kid off to school, and there is bound to be some kid that has learned about the birds and the bees and wants to share it with all the other kids. its life things happen. live with it. I cant wait till new moon comes out

  54. I’m very sad to read all the “love it” notes here. “love story?” I could quote you page number where Edward and Bella each describe their “love” as obsessive and addictive; not healthy at all. I would NOT want a boy/man to not have a life of his own apart from mine…how stifling! And, why is he so perfect? Just because he WORSHIPS Bella? I want my man to worship the LORD GOD, not me. The sexual tension for young readers is NOT appropriate…a clothed boy sleeping with a girl IN her bed IN secret?? Okay, I rest my case. It’s the subtle things that lead a young girl away from purity. And, one last thing; the author is part of a religion that believes you can communicate with the dead and was given this book in a dream by a vampire. No, reading the book is not a sin (don’t get me wrong), but there is much better literature out there, that’s all.

  55. I am 11 years old and I absolutely love Twilight. As long as your kid/s are comfortable with seeing kiss scenes – and you are comfortable with them seeing them too – then you should be okay. If you are really worried that Twilight is too adult for your kid/s then you could watch it first so to see what it’s like before them. Like I said, I’m 11 and I love Twilight, so as long as your kids aren’t really young then you should be fine.


  56. At first I thought twilight was very wierd but my friends made me read it and now i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it:)

  57. I think that twilight is wonderful. I am 11 years old and I have read the whole series of twilight and seen the film many-a-time. I think that the first two books are suitable for 9yrs and up and the last two i think 11and up. Not because of the aspect of vampires, but because of other content explained in other comments.I think the film is certainly suitable fo ages 8 and up, there is a kiss and a bit of blood, nothing more.


  59. i LOVE twilight its a really good movie and book i started reading it a while ago and am so absorbed in it. it has been greatly written and is understandeble i really recomend you and your kids read it and watch the movie!!!

  60. I first would like to admit that I hated twilight!! it was just poorly write stephany meyer jjust wanted to write a love story and she put like 5 pages of a, what she thinnks is a plot!!! Im a 46 yearold homeschool mother. and I find her so called LOVE story to be just an obseession. if you want a story of real love read the BIBLE!! I WOULD NEVER LET MY KIDS SEE TWILIGHT NOT EVEN MY 15 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!

  61. Okay, I just turned 16. Twilight is a fantastic movie. I’m also in love with my boyfriend who I’ve been with for over 2 years. And you know, you’ve been a teenager before. You have the same mind now, when you did then, though you might have gotten a little wiser. Somehow I still doubt that. ha. But kids are going to grow up sometime.. if you don’t tell them anything about sexual stuff, their friends will tell them anyway. Quit being so protective and hovering over them. If you shy them away from stuff they will never have the courage or a social character to follow their dreams. They’ll be too scared and you know.. wisdom comes with experience okay. The movie isn’t even as bad as the book, since with the book you can imagine it the way you want. Alot worse than the directors choice. So quit flippin out over some kiss or the girl falling in love with someone no would except, just like interracial couples. Makes no since. God made us the way we are. Sure, we sin.. we’re human. It’s a movie, if you’ve raised them right and taught them the ways of God. They should be fine, okay. It’s their life by the way, and they’re going to do what they want sooner or later. Spend time with them while you can and give them a break every once in a while before you wake up and they don’t want to hang out with you cause you’re annoying and overprotective. lol. You “adults” still have alot to learn huh? Yeaa..

  62. i don’t like the movie so much, the book on the other hand i love it i read also new moon and eclipse, i’m waiting to find in the bookstore breaking dawn. i’m just 23 and i think that kids if they want to see the movie they will. like parents that most of you are shud know how to explaine the reality to them.


  64. it is the best movie ever made. i know someone who looks exactlly like robert pattison. the boy i know has the same hair ,eyes, skin, and skin colour just like him.


  66. I’ve read the books and I’ve watched the movie. I quite like the books, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for children under 10 years to watch it. It’s just that it will be kinda hard to understand if you haven’t read the books, and the imagination of vampires really existing probably could be too much for children.

  67. twilight series are great. i had read the four books of it and i’m telling you they’re amazing..(well that’s my opinion)

    good thing about twilight is
    it is not just about a typical highschool love story it is about TRUE LOVE. so maybe that’s the reason why there are some adults..mothers in particular been hooked by Twilight!

    and hey.
    don’t judge the book by its movie.
    i think you better watch the movie and also read the book. there are some difference.

  68. geez i love twilight so much im obssed it is the best movie in THE world!!!!! ilove rob pattinson! im the future bella and i dream of being a vampire yayayayayayayayaya! me go vamps ur my heros!!!!!

  69. twilight is the best book i have ever read!! I’m 15 years old and i have seen the movie about… 6 times!! my parents know it and they don’t have a problem with it… it is appropriate for children to see it because there is no sex or drug use …. only in the 4th book… and the author does not describe it at all…. in my opinion if your kids are under 10 should see it with you so as to explain them some things…. but this movie is about true love! i cant understand why you don’t let them see it!

  70. I just wish there was this much excitement for knowing God, reading the Bible, living in a growing relationship with Jesus, learning how to rely on the Holy Spirit.

    I’m not saying that the Twilight lovers are not reading their Bibles, but how many times have you read the Gospels? 50 times? Can’t get enough of Jesus and how He lived and died and rose again? How passionate are we about Jesus, really??

    I’m afraid we might just be the “cultural Christians” that William Wilberforce wrote about in his book “Real Christianity.” I need more of Jesus not less.

    As DC Talk sang, The subtleties of darkness never cease to amaze As a physical world creates a spiritual haze…

    Blinded by distractions
    Lost in matterless affairs…
    What do you think?

  71. i absolutly love twilight i dont get the skeptiziim about it i got my mom to read it for petes sake. Yeah it has stuff u need to be mature enough to read it but it has a good moral to it to if you have skeptizism about letting your children read it you read it first you morans

  72. Hey i love twilight And by the ways in my school we are doing a project about Twilight
    Robert(Edward) is hot and also Taylor(Jacob)is hot!By the ways i dont agree about cutting some funny parts!

  73. Hey i love twilight And by the ways in my school we are doing a project about Twilight
    Robert(Edward) is hot and also Taylor(Jacob)is hot!By the ways i dont agree about cutting some funny parts!And i am 15yrs old i whant 2 be an actor

  74. my mom won’t let me see the movie! if it wasn’t for my grandma i wouldnt even have got to read twilight!!!!! and it is the tamest one in the saga!!!! im am a mature 12 year old that gets good grades!!!! please e-mail
    little-miss-sunny@hotmail.com and give me letters to show my mom about what you think about twilight the movie!! please only include good things!!! i really want to see it!!! please!!!

  75. I am a 41 year old mother of two. My daughter is 9 and my son is 7. I am also a 6th grade reading teacher. I have read all 4 books multiple times and have allowed both of my children to see the movie. They both loved it. I have also allowed my daughter to read the book Twilight. She started New Moon but was just not into it so she put it down. I am sure she will finish it after the movie comes out. Also, I have more low level readers in my class reading this book than any other before.

    It is a fantastic series that deals with life issues even if they are a little unorthodox. Friendship, love, choices. And yes, like it or not, no matter how much you try to shelter your children, they do learn about things way to early these days. (I have already had the talk with my daughter because a 8 year old boy told my son how babies are made- he was 5 at the time) So why not take this opportunity to promote the love of reading as well as an opening to talk to your children about the hard things.

    That being said, I will continue to allow my children to read the books as they chose to do so, but will be actively involved with discussing the content as needed.

  76. I’m only thirteen, turning fourteen soon, so I might be a bit biased, but, I believe that Twilight is a perfectly good movie to take kids to. As long as they understand what’s going on and they’re not too young, provided. If I was a parent (which I’m not; I don’t approve of teenage pregnancy), I would allow my child to see it, as long as they were old enough to understand the feelings and themes in it. Of course letting a five-year-old child see it is a bad idea, because pretty soon they will be wandering around their school babbling about people “making out”. I don’t believe they should be doing that.
    This is my time to be hostile. Sorry, you can skip the following if you want; I’m just venting.
    For you people who like to hide behind the Bible, saying that Twilight is “sacreligious”, I’m sorry, but I have to tell you: that’s complete B.S. Another thirteen-year-old once told me that she was Catholic, so she was lucky she got to read Harry Potter. can someone please explain to me what the heck is wrong with a little imagination? I’m a Roman Catholic, I went to a Catholic school from Kindergarten to Seventh Grade. The only reason I left was because I got accepted into a public School of Choice. The admissions are done by lottery, so I got lucky, and my parents made me (no regrets, it’s really good). Okay, people were talking about The Golden Compass as being the “most Atheist book in existence”. I’m sorry, but I read it, and it just gave me a new viewpoint on life. If you really think your child is so religiously unsound, you need to either send them to a convent or talk to them. If anything, these sort of things will make them see things as others do. Is that really so wrong? It’s the same with Twilight. “They’re vampires, they defy the laws of God.” Did God ever say “I am your ruler. Here are the laws. You must abide by them or you will go to Hell.” No! He wants us to live with Him, in Him, not as his subjects! He wants us to be like best friends, not tyrant and subject.
    Anyway, that was my religious tirade for the day. ^_^;; If you read that, I’m sorry. Also, if you’re not Catholic and I just insulted your religion, I’m so, so, so sorry. It’s just that these things really get under my skin.
    So anyway, I know you all are tired of hearing me blabber on, so: it’s time for a summary.
    I believe that you should allow your children to see this movie, as long as they are old enough to understand and be mature about the content. I also think that it would be good for them to read the book first, just to make sure that thy are fine with the content before seeing it in action.
    Well, that’s my lecture for today. See you all on the flip side!
    Take Care!

  77. omg i love it but come on who wouldnt let there kid watch it, and as far as the sex scene in breaking dawn happens i am 15 and stephanie meyer describesn it as briefly as possible i didnt even realise they had sex i had to re read. the story is a love story and of cause there is going to be kissing but anyone from 10 has deffantly seen kissing before i mean most girls have had there first kiss by 13 anyway. love the books toots amazing i live in my own fantasie world where i am bella and edwards all mine.
    but let your kids see it totally apporpiate

  78. Stephenie Meyer writes about what goes through a teenage girl’s head (most of which is fairly accurate)…your child, no matter what age they are, is going to feel those kind of emotions sometime in their teens. What is so wrong about letting your child read about actual human emotions, especially when Stephenie Meyer’s story is not graphic?

  79. I’m only eleven and I think the books are fine.
    I’ve only read the first three, but my mum says it’s fine to get the last one, after looking it up online.
    I know seven year olds who have seen it, and don’t find it gross or innapropriate.
    So what I’m saying is yeah, it’s fine to let your kids see it.
    All my friends are obsessed with it, and they are all younger by at least three months, so it’s fine.

  80. hello?? are you all having a laugh?? i’m just 13, but I seriously don’t think there is anything wrong with twilight. To be perfectly honest, I’ve not got a clue why this is even a discussion, because there is no reason why kids should not be allowed to see twilight. I’ve read all the books and sure, the last one gets a bit into it, but your little darlings will be older by then, won’t they? It’s not as if it’s encouraging kids to jump from guy to guy. If you read the 3rd book, it clearly states that he refuses to sleep with her before they’re married. Hardly inappropriate, is it?? Anyway, kenneth, Lost Boys DOES have a sex scene.

  81. LIke, twilight is very very good. I dont see any problem wiht the movies neither the books,just with breaking dawn cuz it obviosley has sex in it.

  82. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, i think you should let your kids watch Twilight!I am only 10 years old and i am obsessed with it!I read all the books and watched the first movie soooooo…………
    First think about how old they are though.There is a blood scene at the end, but other than that, I reccomend it.And I’m not stupid.

  83. Basically… I am an 18 year old female and I went to the cinema to watch ‘Twilight’ about 4 months ago, maybe a little bit longer than that! But ever since, I have been totally gripped! After I saw the film, the first thing I did was I went out and bought all of the four books! (By the way, there is another book that Stephanie Meyer is writing, which tells the stories in all 4 books but from Edward’s perspective – I can’t wait!!) There is nothing sexually indecent in the books or the first film (apart from a couple of kissing scenes, and in the final book there is a reference made that sort of tells you that they have had sex, but not in an indecent way and it doesn’t go into any details, so it is fine people!), and there is only one reference to drugs, and that is when Edward says to Bella that she is like his own personal brand of heroine. Hardly bad if you ask me – because most people wont even pick that up, I’m just obsessed and I know the film word for word! Oh and there is a slight bloody scene at the end, but I really don’t think it is that bad, I love gorey stuff and that was nothing, totally fine! The film is fantastic, it’s got to be my all time favourite film, and I would say a brilliant family film overall, or for kids going to the cinema with their friends!! Plus, I would most definately reccommend reading the books! You will be gripped!

  84. Okay… What the hell is wrong with some of you??? Comparing Twilight to the BIBLE? That is just not the same! Maybe for you mate its “entertaining” but nowadays, we, young ones, prefere things like this! I can’t say that i’m in love with mister perfect. No that not, but i like the books and the film! The parents who dont let their kids watch it, are weird, sorry for the expression but, look, you were young onets, can’t you remember? And even if you dont let your kid, he/she will def. see it at a friends house, what will you do about that? Nothing! Oh apart if you are from USA were you guys sew everybody! Remember when HP came out? It was a big thing I bet your kids have seen them! So why not Twilight, in my opinion, it is MUCH less violent! I mean, its up to you, but if you dont even let them watch this, what parent are you? One who doesnt let their kids do anything? So… WAKE UP!!! Let your kids a bit free!

    Oh and BTW my opinion: I like this film a lot, and the books are just great! I read one every evening, and so finished in 4 days!

  85. I’m 12 and recently saw TWILIGHT. Its a great movie and would recommend it. I wouldn’t let kids under my age(12).

  86. It depends on how old/ mature your kid is. there is only one or two kisses in it, but thats no big deal, people kiss in Cinderella. it doesnt show scary things, like vampires sucking blood (wwell, theres a bite, thats it), but it how cool things like vampire baseball. The story is a little more mature because she is risking her life to be with her sparkly boyfriend,and nearly loses it. its a love story. It was practically made for 12 year olds. I wouldnt say that the main characters acted well, that the effects were cool, or it was that great of a movie, but i would say it would be fine for 9 & up, (unless they’re the type that think anything romantic is gross)

  87. OMG!!! TWilght is an amazing book and movie, everyone should see Edward Cullen and JAcob Black on screen no matter how old they are. I think its punishment if you keep such a popular movie from kids, but thats what I think.:)

  88. I didnt think that I liked twilight before i actually took the time to read it and watch the movie.Once i watched the movie I LOVED tmilight. twilight is the best movie and book in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The first time i saw the movie my 9 yr.old cousin was next to me and i didnt really think it was very appropriate for her but she probably thinks otherwise.But anyway I cant stop watching twilight. sorry to all of you that think edward is cute, but he really isnt cute what so ever.But wouldnt you love to have a guy that is as protective of you as edward is with bella. and just to have someone that wouldnt rest(well edward doesnt sleep)until he knew u were safe again. I personally would love to have a boyfriend as nice and protective as edward is just a little cuter than him. TWILIGHt <3

  89. my kids are 5 and 7 both of them have seen Twilight a few times, yes I watched it oh about 43 times first, but because they knew how much I watched it and I read certain passages of the novels to them, they were very interested into seeing it. So we sat down one day and watched it, I felt it was not an issue my first scary movie was the old romantic black and white Dracula, I was never scared of it, so I thought my kids would be fine if I watched with them, they loved it, my 7 year old son said “the Cullens are like Power Rangers” and the 3 bad vampires are like the evil monsters the power rangers fight” he noticed the differance between the good and bad right away and he rooted for the Cullens. my 5 year old daughter just loves Alice even though there is not alot of her she said “she moves like a pixie” and they both seen the trailer for new moon and are thrilled. I think it is ok for kids, but watch with them.

  90. I am 13 when i saw the movie i was 12 , i think kids should be able to see all the movies therer was two kisses in the movie but people kiss in just about any movie that has any romance.I have read all the books 4 times each and yes there was sex in the last one,but what do you think teens talk about at school health class…?????

  91. i love twilight i think that it is the best,but i think it is not suitable for 7 and under other wise i highly recomend it.so have fun watching it

  92. i loved the twilight saga. I have read all the books at least twice and the first and third books at least 4 times and personally i feel they are very tame. I went to go see the movie with my mother and whole family and i think she was pleasantly surprised at how nice and controlled the whole story line is. No drugs, no profanity, no sex, why not let your kids see it.

  93. I was totally in love with this book loved so much that was 8 hours a day reading,i did not see my friends, was not using the computer, was feeling me identified with Bella, and edward was the boy of my dreams, was adoring alice and was saying that I was going to marrying the book. But later there appeared the movie that ruined the happiness completely, the book had gone out in 2005 and in 2009 the movie goes out. It killed me inside. The movie is bad they act all badly none is so beautiful as they say in the book rosalie is not similar at all to the one that describes Bella and the majority of the parts spent(passed) THE MEADOW HOW COULD YOU PASS THE MEADOW AND TO RUIN IT OF THIS FORM! I can’t take it any more THIS IS PURE CRAP!

  94. flippin hell, you can tell that you should let your kids watch it by the amount of positive comments posted, if you dont let your kids watch it then theres no point letting them sleep at other peoples houses because all there friends are going to have the dvd. =P

  95. I’m ten years old, I read all the books when I was ten and I didnt knew anything about the movie, I loved the collection! When I figured out that the movie was coming out I was VERY exited and almost drived my mom crazy I went to see it the first day the movie was out, now I`m expectin New Moon in November 20, cant wait!!! So if at the age of 9 I read all the books you should not worry about that, and just so you know I consider my mom responsible, oraganized and overprotects me, so do I consider me I`ve won for 3 consecutive years academical exelence in my class.

    So in my opinion, yes let them see it and they`ll love it, and if you`r still not sure why don`t you wathc the movie first and decide. Perhaps the 3rd and 4th movie you shouldnt let them they contain sex and violence from what Iknow of the books, but twilight and new moon no doubt they can see it, but it is your decition!!!

    hope they enjoy it,


  96. im 28 and absolutly fell in love with the story, i let my children watch it, youngest being 5yrs old, they’ve seen worse on cartoon network and jetix, id rather them go around being a gentleman/vampire than a power ranger lol, my eldest has also started reading the books, and now thanks to the dialog in the book also owns a dictionary and his vocabulary has improved. i just wish my husband would be willing to watch he might even pick up a few hints lol.

  97. i love twilight and i am 12, i have seen the movie read the books and i am completely obssessed with it!and anyway by the time your kids are in year 1,they will know all about sex and stuff.innocentness goes out of the window at a very early age.let your kids see the movie,because they will decide on your nursing home.SERIOUSLY.

  98. Twilight is a beautiful movie. It gives our daughters hope that there is someone like that ! Of course and all the other details of life. What I am saying is of course read the book 1 My daughters have read it and cant stop they have an obbsession ! I am happy that someone like Stephenie Meyer made a book sobeautiful ! Thank you !

  99. Twilight is an awesome series! I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. My mom talked to people at our church before she let me read it or see it. It is a very good twisted love story really. i don’t see anything wrong with it for kids 9 and up.

  100. I’m 23, so sort of in between. I’d say 13 and up for a reason. The movie isn’t graphic but the emotions in it are super charged and I don’t see the need for any younger (might let an 11 or 12 year old I suppose) to see it. They can wait.

    Spoilers Included in this!

    The books are bit more intense of course and a girl I work with said her son who is like 9 was reading them and my initial reaction was very shocked. Again, a phenomenon it may be but I do think children can wait a bit. Though I must say, Edward is admirable not wanting to have sex until marriage. But they DO get married when she is only 18 and she gets pregnant right away (by mistake). Not exactly the message I’d want to give any of my children if I had them.

    My suggestion: See it first, read it first, then decide for yourself if your kids should read it.

  101. Im 12 and tbh twilight is the best thing in the world. Ive read the books about 4 times and im watching the film (again!) now! There is one scene in twilight that bella and edward kiss but thats it because he wont take it any further. So with the sex thing its fine! As everyone does, you and your kids will fall in love with it in the first minute! X

  102. Honestly, why NOT? One movie is not going to change their whole lifes! What’s the big deal? If they want to watch the movie, let them, right?
    Carpe diem.
    Okay, I might have read 3 out of the 4 books, I might go to the movie tomorrow and I might have a Twilight poaster in my room, that didn’t CHANGE me or anything, Twilight is just like any other good (in my opinion) movie, it’s like.. the same as Harry Potter, so I don’t really get why there’s a discussion about this, with Twilight it seems to be like this: either you love it or you hate it, but you don’t know ’till you try.

    I think you get my point.

  103. I have only read the first book but I believe you need to be at least 7 before watching the movie – from what i have been told – but you need to be at least 12 before reading the 4 book hope this helps you decide.

    PS Edward is so cute

  104. I watched twilight twice, but after watching it for the second time with my parents I got totally freaked out! My opinion is that the movie was cleverly designed to cover up the evil, demons and obsession with romance, a handsome characters and adventure.

  105. well if your not sure watch the movie first then seee if it’s a good movie for like teens or tweens

  106. i think that its not such a great idea with all the vampire sex in the upcoming movies it depends on how old they are and how much detail the movies are going to go into with the vampire baby and everything.

  107. Yes, you should i am only 10 and i watched it like 36 times i love it and i think that every one will love it

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!

  108. Twilight is a really good book and movie. There are no graphic scenes and as long as ur child is mature. It mostly depends on how old they are. I’d say as long as your over 10 years old, youll be fine to watch it.

  109. Twilight is the best movie I’ve ever seen!!!! I adore Twilight Saga! and i’m waiting for the next books of the saga on the screen!!!!!!

  110. OMG i love Twilight! i am 11 yrs old and Twilight is the main thing in my life i never want it to end

  111. u know wat i sooo love u guyz man and dayum edward he is so fine hahaha i know so all dah girlz(in dah world) out theyre beta bak off mah man aaight..

  112. TWILIGHT IS DA BEST.ofcourse the books are better but who cares. I think you should let your kids watch it from 10 and up i cant wait to c the next movie new moon. the books are awesome wait until your kids are older to read the fourth books.

  113. hi, im jasmine 11 years old. twilight is a great movie! stephenie meyer is trying to show vampires without grotty blood splatering everywhere. its a beautiful love scene where a vampire falls in love with a human. there are no scary scenes, trust me if it was i would be hiding under by bed i hatteee scary movies!
    i think ur kids willl loveee it!

  114. I’m 11. Did you hear that? ELEVEN! Twilight? Nothin’ wrong with that. PG 13? C’mon, are we living in a society where our lives are completely controlled by the opinion of a couple of guys up high in the government? Even 16+restricted movies are laughable!!

  115. I love twilight. I’v seen the movie and read the book. I dont think theres any thing wrong with it.Im only 12.

  116. look,i personaly love twilight.but you shouldnt rely on other peoples comments weather to watch or not.if you realy want to know weather to let the kids see it or not see it yourself.i dont know how t say this but i love the movie and theres nothing wrong with it.so people need to loosen up and live your life,i mean come on you only live once!!

  117. I really like Twilight. I think it’s a pretty good movie. Yeah, the kisses are kind of gross. I’m 12. Maybe if you’re kids are responsible enough, you could let them watch the movie. Personally I don’t think it’s that bad. No murder. Nothing very serious. Though it is a little mushy. But aren’t all romantic movies like that?
    All in all, to my opinion Twilight was awesome, but it’s really up to you.

  118. The only thing objectionable in the Twilight movie is a violent scene towards the end, in which the main character is attacked by a vampire – there’s no sex, drugs, or alcohol. However, because of the moderate level of violence at the end, I wouldn’t recommend the movie for those under 11-12.

  119. I’ve seen it. It’s bad. Like, really bad.

    Go watch Buffy the vampire slayer. It’s better and has a vampXhuman realtionship anyway.

  120. Gee guys obsess much? My problem isn’t with the content, I haven’t read or watched it, and I won’t, its not my cup of tea, it’s with the over the top obsessiveness. I hope all you guys so gushy over Twilight, and how it must be read are just as obsessive over reading your Bibles and movies like Fireproof.

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