What U.S. Kids Want for Christmas 2011

Posted on: 11/18/11 11:26 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Those of you who are keeping an eye on our new “Offsite Articles Jonathan is Reading” box on the front page of www.TheSource4Parents.com probably noticed this brand new report from Nielsen revealing what kids desire for Christmas in 2011. Fascinating stuff!

Those who own stock in Apple will be pleased that Apple devices seem to be the most coveted item among young people this year. The iPad was the number one choice for kids 6-12 as well as kids 13+. Apple actually claimed the top three spots for kids age 6-12 (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone). Interesting to see how much more Apple items resonate with the younger ages (why does this perception change slightly for 13-plussers?)

The report provides informative charts for kids age 6-12 as well as 13+. Here’s the 13+ chart:

Click here for the entire article on Nielsen Wire.

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