Using Popular Music to Springboard Discussions

Posted on: 12/22/08 9:05 AM | by Jonathan McKee

As I look back at the most popular music of 2008, I can’t say that I’m happy with the content that found its way into kids’ iPods. Most of it was highly sexualized and foul. Unfortunately, sex sells. This year’s Top 10 downloaded songs are, by majority, no exception.

In our last Youth Culture Window article of the year, David and I reviewed the Top 10 Downloaded Songs as charted by The Nielson Company. I find this list fascinating, not only because it reflects some of the most popular music of the year, but also the fact that downloaded songs offer explicit lyrics… and most parents have no idea what is on their kids’ iPods.

Do you know what’s on your kids’ iPods?

In this article we quickly review what kids have listened to in the last year and a little about each artist. Then we encourage parents and youth workers to dialogue with their kids about this music and this content.