Posted on: 03/21/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

My pastor asked me if I’d go to Uganda with him again. I keep telling him, “If God tells me he wants me to go to Uganda… I’ll go.”

I’m not trying to be a pain in the butt, but I just haven’t heard the call yet.

My friends are all working on me. They all want me to go. So I’ve been asking God, “God, is this just the cool thing to do… or do you want me to go?” And I’ve been listening.

Well, as you know my daughter Alyssa just went with a team of 21 people from my church. This team consisted of my family (Alyssa, my mom and my dad) and some of my closest friends. I had other speaking engagements already scheduled, so the decision was already made for this particular trip… but now my pastor asked me about this coming September.

So I’ve been listening… and I just saw this powerful little YouTube video of their trip and my heart started tugging! (My daughter is the one in the black and white stripes at 59 seconds, you hear just a snippet of her speaking to young people at their True Love Waits conference later in the video)


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  1. I hear your struggle Jonathan. I have a question, do you think perhaps God is using the people in your life to ask you to go to Uganda? What does it look like to hear God’s calling? I’m sure Moses felt the same way, or Joshua, Abraham and the list goes on. I believe this is one of the biggest challenges for modern day Christians, myself included, is separating faith from feeling.

    I pray for clarity with this decision.


  2. Go, Jonathan! Youth workers and parents that you work with year-round need to hear about your experiences there. You’ll never regret it.
    Eugene Cho, founder of One Day’s Wages, said something that really impacted my thinking at The Justice Conference in Philadelphia last month. He said he makes $68,000 a year as a pastor in Seattle. He had a friend calculate where that puts him in terms of all of the incomes around the globe. He’s in the top .83%. That puts those of us in that range in the top 1% of all incomes. We can’t just sit here and wait for the wealthy to do something about the challenges facing desperate countries like Uganda. We are the wealthy ones. We’ve got to go and help in whatever way we can, using the gifts that God has given us. What a joy and a privilege to be able to do that — to be able to serve both God and our brothers and sisters in Christ, and those who may soon join the family!
    Have you read the best-selling book Radical by David Platt? Incredible thoughts to help us all live with eternity in mind every day.
    I will be praying that you go, that you’ll experience miracles while serving, and that you’ll report back to all of us what an amazing opportunity all of us have to go and serve.
    Enjoy and give His love and grace —
    John Pearson
    P.S. – I lived in South Africa for 3 years and loved it!

  3. Hmmnn, does this not sound like “Come over to Macedonia and help”? I believe a few days/weeks in Uganda will open you up to new challenges and possibilities for your ministry. Is that your fear, dear brother in Christ? Take the plunge and see what happens next. We are waiting for your testimony. We shall be praying for you @youth support ministry, Nigeria.

  4. David R. Smith posted an article on his website a while back that has always stuck in my head about a missionary in China who was speaking to people in Britain about doing mission work in China. He said ”After everything I’ve told you, none of you can tell me you don’t have a call or a reason to go to China, so the question really is, do you have a specific calling to stay here?”


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