Training Students to Reach Students

Posted on: 04/24/09 2:12 PM | by Jonathan McKee

This weekend I’m doing an adapted version of my CONNECT training workshop here in Northern California (yay, only two hours from my house!) … I’m training both student and adult leaders to reach the other students they encounter in their everyday lives.

This has been a really fun training to put together. In the last six months I’ve trained several groups of student leaders with a similar training. I review the six types of kids they’ll encounter and how to reach each one. I bring six kids up front and put a sign on them (No Way Kid, Stagnant Kid, etc.). After describing each kid, I point to a kid and ask the group, “How do we reach him?” “How do we reach her?”

This is where it always gets fun. It seems that 90% of kids simply reply, “Invite them to youth group.”

Two of the six types of kids I describe -by definition- don’t want to come to our stuff. So I say that. “They aren’t interested in coming to our stuff! So now how do you reach them?”


Hence the need for this training.

I’m looking forward to the workshop tomorrow. It’s a 9AM to 2PM workshop. I’ve got a ton of video, media, and interaction. Fun stuff. If you’d like, it would be great if you prayed for the training.

My CONNECT book comes out at the end of this year.

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  1. This is so key! I think this actually should be a pretty large topic. In our church, there is always a huge push to get people to show up. We want more people attending weekend services. We need more kids to come to our events! But if kids don’t want to go to church, how do we really reach them? What would it look like if youth groups stopped trying so hard to get kids to show up, and instead made it their effort to get kids to accept Christ?

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