Training Leaders in Uganda

Posted on: 09/9/14 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Jonathan ShoulderThis weekend my dad and I pop on a plane to Uganda, a 23 hour itinerary… which is pretty long when I’m wearing this stupid arm brace for my shoulder.

Most of you have followed my shoulder injury, my surgery 4 weeks ago, and Instagram posts like the one I sent two weeks ago… declaring “four more weeks” wearing this thing! Well, the good news is that my shoulder is healing nicely, and I’ll actually get to ditch the arm brace halfway through the Uganda trip. And frankly, maybe this injury will remind me how much I need to depend on God throughout this trip, pointing to Him, not myself (II Cor. 4:5-7).

One of the most exciting aspects of this trip will be my partner—my dad. Many of you know his speaking or writing—as he has co-authored two of my books, The New Breed, and More 10-Minute Talks. African pastors are looking forward to his arrival, as he will be helping me train youth leaders and then he’ll train pastors while I’m speaking at school assemblies.

Two of my publishers also donated books that we will be giving out to African leaders. (We just haven’t figured out how two guys with bad shoulders are going to carry the books yet. I guess we’ll be paying a lot of curbside baggage tips!)

We’re so excited about the trip. I’d love your prayers. Here’s our itinerary:

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (Sept 14, 15, 16)- Fly to Uganda. We actually get on the plane in Houston (where I speak this weekend) on Sunday afternoon, but by the time we fly 23 hours against the time change, we land Tuesday morning at 2:50AM.

Wednesday and Thursday (Sept 17, 18) Train area youth ministry leaders. My dad and I will be teaching a two day youth ministry workshop, teaching them how to “train trainers” so they can multiply their ministry. We will be teaching them how to speak to young people, how to recruit and keep volunteers, how to connect with young people, and how to plan effective ministry venues. Each youth leader will receive a certificate of completion when they finish the two-day conference. We’re also able to provide lunch for these 100+ youth leaders each day.

Friday (Sept 19) I speak to young people at the Diocese of Kampala Convention.

Saturday (Sept 20)- I train university students in ministry all day.

Sunday (Sept 21) My dad and I part ways. He speaks at Kampala Baptist Church and I will speak at the Kyambogo University Chapel Main Service, then again to young people at the youth convention that afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday (Sept 22, 23)- My dad will train area pastors how to prepare Biblical sermons, and I’ll teach in secondary school assemblies.

Wednesday (Sept 24)- Tour Uganda and depart that night (at 3:50AM)

Thursday and Friday (Sept 25, 26)- fly back to TX, then home.

I’ll blog from Kampala and keep you updated (like I did last year). Thanks so much for your prayers!

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