The Words of a 12th Grade Christian

Posted on: 01/14/10 10:42 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Walt Mueller linked a great article today written by a senior in high school, speaking about her faith. The article is titled, “I’m a Christian, not a StereoType.”

WHAT FIRST COMES to mind when you think of Christians? They’re basically good people, but maybe a little confused, right?

That’s one of the kinder descriptions I’ve heard. The mental image is often unflattering, and public opinion rarely seems sympathetic. They’re killjoys, zealots, narrow-minded bigots. Whether presented as laughable stock characters or intolerant “fundies,” Christians today carry some unappealing stigmas.

But I am proud to say I am a Christian.

I have attended the same church since birth, and a Christian school since the age of 2. My grandfather was a pastor, my father is a Bible teacher and my mother is the principal of a Christian elementary school. But while this setting paints a predictable portrait, my circumstances do not make me a Christian. Rather, the cornerstone of my faith is my personal acceptance of Jesus Christ, which motivates me to live a life that pleases him. Not a single area of my life has been untouched by this decision…

Wow… great writing. Click here for the whole article. This would be a great peice to let your kids read and discuss.

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