The Ultimate Youth Pastor

Posted on: 12/20/10 12:57 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… this is funny.

I heard some youth workers talking about this video in my last training workshop- Ignatius the Ultimate Youth Pastor. I hadn’t seen it. I don’t know how I missed this one.


I’m not even going to say anything else… you just gotta see it. It takes about a minute before it really grabs ya. I actuallly watched the entire thing. (I was thinking, “Oh, I’ll just watch a minute or so.” But then I couldn’t turn it off. It just kept me drawn in.)

CLICK HERE if you don’t see the embedded video.

So sad… it’s only funny because we’ve SEEN THIS BEFORE!!!

(I think my favorite was when he shook his head during the worship)

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  1. love teenagers in Jesus name- Thank you! Thank you. Thank you. I am a new youth director and I struggle with “being the cool speaker” on occasion and always fall flat on my face. Its all about Jesus and it has always been about Him. Thank you for your post.

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