The Pre-airbrushed Britney Spears

Posted on: 04/14/10 9:54 PM | by Jonathan McKee

In a few weeks my wife is having all the middle school girls from our church over to our house for a fun night called “Girl Talk,” engaging in conversation with them about self esteem, modesty, and purity. Today we were looking at some of the content we’ll be using… and I came across a great resource to talk to girls about their body image.

We’re going to show the girls these BEFORE and AFTER pictures of Britney Spears, showing the pre-airbrushed images from a fashion shoot alongside the digitally-altered ones, so the girls can see the difference.

I know that Britney isn’t much of a role model, but I’ve gotta give her points for releasing these photos. Pretty cool. She actually released them to show young girls her imperfections and show them the difference that digital alterations make.

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  1. I teach middle school Religion and whenever we talk about this I show them the video called “Evolution of a Model”. Jaws immediately drop and as soon as it’s done they want to watch it over again to see the things they may have missed. It provides a great springboard into discussing these issues. I would highly encourage you (and everyone else!) to check it out.

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