The New Online Red-Light District

Posted on: 07/3/10 1:25 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Porn sites are about to be given their own domain.

It’s official. People can now by domains that end in .xxx   New York Times reported last week:

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers on Friday agreed to move forward on a long-standing proposal from a Florida company to create a specialized dot-xxx suffix for adult entertainment Web sites.

People don’t really know how to respond to this. It will be an entire domain devoted to porn.

On one hand, it’s really sad that our world is that obsessed with lust (although historically, this is nothing new… it’s amazing what was going on 2,000 years ago when the Bible was being penned). On the other hand, this could turn into a good thing if all porn was forced to move to that domain. But as the above NY Times article argues, “some of the biggest names in online pornography prefer not to be in that neighborhood.”

CNET News expands on this:

The problem, in other words, is that as soon as .xxx launches, conservatives in Congress will begin to clamor for laws to make the domain mandatory for sex-related Web sites. That may not be a big deal for hard-core pornmeisters who prefer that virtual street address, but what about sex education sites that include explicit graphics and don’t wish to be blocked by filtering software? And where should–which features images of topless women–or–which publishes important interviews with U.S. presidents–end up?

Ha, yeah… that’s why people read Playboy. Those really good interviews!!  🙂

I haven’t had time to think about the ramifications yet, but all porn on one domain doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. It would sure be easy to block!!!

2 Replies to “The New Online Red-Light District”

  1. You hit the nail on the head at the end. To me, that seems like the biggest asset, that it’s going to be much easier to block. It’s not like we’re getting rid of it anyway, just shuffling it over. It’s really amazed me that [some] conservatives have been really opposed to this, but I could be missing something…

  2. There is a lot of stuff that it won’t block out, like some of the stickers, apps, and buperstickers, and quizzes on Facebook that are way dirty and even explicit, and what about the books you can find in your libraries, I picked up an anne rice book, because my mom suggested that because she was a vampire werewolf writer and I had liked the twilight books and the book blood and chocolate, (ps doesn’t mean I agree with everything the characters say and do, but they are still good, and it gives you lots of things to think about) and OMG Some of her books are grossssss! beyond gross even, I don’t think the interview with a vampire one is so bad but there is a witchcraft sereies that is ewey yucky disgusting! Like I puked in my mouth a little and then returned them.

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