The Book of Eli

Posted on: 01/15/10 7:34 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I got a chance to see a screening of the new Denzel movie, THE BOOK OF ELI, last night. Wow… probably one of the best films I’ve seen in the last decade.

The story is about a man on a journey through a post-nuclear world. The man’s name is Eli (played by none other than Denzel), and he’s carrying one of the most prized possessions of the times– a Bible.

It was amazing to see a film that truly represented the power of the Bible, and didn’t mock the guy who put his faith in it. This is probably one of the few films where being a follower of God’s Holy word is actually cool!

Denzel’s character Eli, was actually a noble guy too. He read his Bible daily, prayed, quoted scripture, and seemed to want to obey God’s will. I was waiting for him to go and do something stupid (like Hollywood usually does when portraying Christians). But Eli was not only noble, he was basically true to the Word (pacifists won’t agree– because he did defend himself to complete his mission). There were some great “discussion” moments including one scene where Eli talks about the importance of not just carrying the Bible, but following what’s in it.

The interesting aspect of this film was the motives behind people’s search for the Bible. Eli wanted to use it for good, where Oldman’s character wanted to use it to control people. True to life– some people have used God’s words with bad motives.

I warn you… some people won’t like the film’s violence. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a post-apocalyptic world, but never gratuitous.

That being said… great action flick. The film had some great fight scenes as Eli defended himself against attackers.

I go into more detail, including if the film is appropriate for kids, etc. in my official review on our MOVIE REVIEW PAGE .

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  1. Just saw the movie last night and have not stopped thinking about it since. What a dreary life it would be without God’s word and its impact on life. The movie reminds me of the Genesis account of time right before the Flood. It sure is not a family fun type movie.

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