Super Bowl Parties

Posted on: 01/29/12 7:04 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Next Sunday is a big day in America—it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Churches and ministries have historically used this day for parties and outreach events. The question is… are we allowed to? (and… am I providing my annual “Big Game Quiz” for you like every year?)

Allowed to? I know, that almost sounds laughable. Since when did the “fun police” start breaking up Super Bowl parties? Actually, about 5 years ago! In 2007 the NFL cracked the whip on several churches showing the game on the big screen. Then in 2008, a “screen size limit” was mandated. Churches couldn’t show it on a screen over 55 inches. In 2009 they lifted the screen size limit.

Things have calmed down a bit. But people still have questions about what is and isn’t allowed:

  1. Can you charge admission?
  2. Can you invited as many people as you want?
  3. Can you call it a Super Bowl party?
  4. Can you bring your grandma?
  5. Can you eat over 50 chicken wings without getting a stomachache?

The following little YouTube video from ChurchLaw answers most of those questions (unfortunately they don’t answer #4 or #5).

So as you can see, you can have a “Big Game” party. So yes… I’m providing our annual free “Big Game” Quiz, a fun little contest you can use to liven up your party. Click here for this free resource. (We had originally made a mistake on question #7… all fixed now!)

What about you? What are you planning for “The Big Game” this year?

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  1. I always enjoy using your quiz for our “Big Game Party”. I am having problems getting the quiz. It says there is an error on the page.

  2. Thanks! Looks great! (one minor note:I think #7 is supposed to say New England, not green Bay.)

      1. It probably should have said Green Bay, but they messed up at home…. hahahaha

        Go Pack go!

  3. Due to the fact that there are a ton of Superbowl Parties and we live in boonies and can’t get the game at church if we wanted to, we have an annual NonSuperbowl Party. We play video games and laser tag, give away prizes and have plenty of food. We do give updates as to the score and watch the commercials as they put them online, which is what we all want to see anyway. But I do enjoy your quiz and have used parts of it (the ones that don’t require filling in during the game) for our party. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. First of all, when I announced that we will NOT be watching Madonna’s halftime show, one of my youth said, “Madonna? She’s still alive??”

    In lieu of the televised halftime show, we will be watching Kirk Cousins (QB for Michigan State University) give his luncheon speech from last year. He’s an amazing role model for our Christian athletes. Not sure if I should paste in the link from youtube… but you can search “Kirk Cousins Speech” and find it.
    And thanks for the quiz! We’ll be doing that, too.

  5. We have a SOUPER Bowl Party, and have kids bring cans of soup for the food pantry. Thanks for the heads up about Madonna, we’ll skip that too.

  6. is there a possibility to get the quiz so it can easily be edited…copy and paste makes formatting screwy…i like to add personal questions…such as…how many pieces of pizza will “fill in your name here” eat before halftime? or…what team has won the most super bowls of all time…oh and the answer is STEELERS!!!

    appreciate the help at making a great “Big game” party more fun!

    1. Ah… there’s always someone who is high maintenance. 🙂 I’ll email you the WORD document right now. If anyone else is as high maintenance as Greg, feel free to use the CONTACT US button on my site to email me and I can email it to you too. (Oh man… I better not get 1,000 emails… or I’m gonna get you Greg!!!!)

      1. i’m actually running MS-DOS on a TRS-80 with a DOT matrix tractor feed printer. can you provide assistance?

        also, while i have your attention, and we have already noted that i am high maintenance…do you have any tips on current hair products. and what is your username on scramble with friends…i will send you multiple game requests : )

        1. Ha… I’m having a fun nostalgic moment remembering my first printer, the dot matrix with the little holes on the sides for the spools! I’m ignoring the rest of your comments. 🙂

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  8. You are my inhalation, I have few blogs and rarely run out from brand :). “Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” by E. B. White.

  9. I’m having some trouble with my answers to this year’s Big Game Quiz; can you send me the answers, now that the game is done?

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