The Story Behind My Nose

Posted on: 12/19/12 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Thanks to all of you who participated in yesterday’s contest. Great fun trying to guess what happened to my nose! Quite a variety of responses… some good imaginations.

The short answer: new kitten

The long answer: We bought a kitten a few weeks ago and have really been enjoying her. Zazzy is a little crazy, and loves this one toy in particular that looks like a fishing pole with a feather on the end of the string (some of you can already see where this is going).

Well, my son Alec thought it would be fun to land the feather on his dad’s lap so the cat would attack… uh… my…. uh…. well you get the idea.

So after threatening Alec’s life and notifying him that I would drive him to Yosemite, duct tape him to a pole, and pour honey on him, he avoided landing it on my crotch, and instead… landed the feather on my face!!!

The rest of the story is evidenced by the picture in yesterday and today’s blog.

So, for those of you who guessed cat scratch, you are correct. And as promised, the first three get a copy of my brand new book, MORE 10-Minute Talks, which is discounted 25% and available for pre-order right now on my site, the only place where you’ll get an autographed copy.

So… erring on the side of being overgenerous, I’m going to go ahead and count Roger’s answer, “Clawed by a Hobbit cat.” Then I’ll count the three cat scratch answers to follow.

So the FOUR winners who will receive my new book are:


Susan Daggett



To the rest of you who answered correctly… more contests are coming. So you’ll just have to buy the book this time. Besides… all the proceeds of these book sales go to feed starving children. Mine!

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  1. Watch out for “cat scratch fever” and I’m not talking about Ted Nugent’s song either. I love it when someone errs on the generous side…especially when I benefit! 🙂

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