I Need One Minute

Posted on: 10/4/11 3:59 PM | by Jonathan McKee

This Saturday I’m running for you! (Yeah, that’s a lot for a guy who eats this much!)

I know, I know. A lot of people have their hands out in this tough economy, but hear me out really quick, because this is something I really believe in and support with my own wallet. For those of you who enjoy this blog, our articles, and/or the free resources we provide, I ask that you give me just one minute to tell you what I’m doing. Really! 1-minute- start your watch!

10 years ago my wife and I started a non-profit helping youth workers reach kids. Our ministry was simple: speaking, training and equipping. Whenever someone hires me to speak, train or do parent workshops, the check is made out to our 501c3, The Source for Youth Ministry. All those funds, plus our once a year fund raiser this Saturday, help keep the resources free on our websites www.TheSource4YM.com and www.TheSource4Parents.com

I only do this once a year… and the day is this Saturday. Saturday I’m running in our once a year fund-raiser to help keep the resources we provide you free.

Here’s where you come in. As you know, when my hand is out… it is usually holding something that you can use (as apposed to asking you for money). Our websites have literally thousands of free resources, and only one page where you can buy something (books for further reading, if you really must). All our curriculum, articles, training tools, games, skits, discussions… all of it… is 100% free. No gimicks, no special codes… just free stuff you can use. Those of you who have used our websites know this. I don’t need to go on.

If you are a parent or a youth worker who benefits from the free resources we provide, you can help me help you this Saturday. I’m running, and you can sponsor me. I don’t care how much. Sponsor $10, $25, $50 or $100. Help me continue to help you!

It’s simple. Pop on our SPONSOR/DONATION page for our ENDURE EVENT that I’m running in this Saturday, you can donate with paypal, VISA, or MC. All costs are already covered for this event, so every cent you donate goes straight to our ministry providing free resources around the world. The Source is a 501(c)(3), Federal Tax I.D. #47-0855213, and is able to provide FREE resources to youth workers because of people like you. You can do a general donation or sponsor me specifically (it doesn’t matter, it goes to the same place).

Thanks for taking a minute. Please pray and see if God lays on your heart to give to this ministry. I won’t ask again until one year from now.  🙂


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