Heading to South Africa

Posted on: 10/22/15 10:28 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Cape TownI’m not sure how to pack…

Lori and I are headed to Los Angeles (85 degrees) to run a half marathon, then we fly to Cape Town (73 degrees) where I’ll speak at a conference next weekend, then we stop off in Munich (49 degrees) for an extended layover (3 days) on the way home just for fun.

Do you even own 14 pairs of underwear?

I’m really excited about this conference in South Africa. My dad and I are training youth workers for 3 days, then we’re speaking in a local church. Should be great fun! If you’re in South Africa… take a peek HERE, or get your tickets HERE.


2 Replies to “Heading to South Africa”

  1. God bless you, Jonathan. May He inspire you, refresh you, and keep you safe– on your running, speaking, and traveling. And may He bring you home rejoicing at the wonders He has shown you.

  2. Bless you Jonathan. Have a blessed trip, especially your stop-over in Munich!
    Ever considered coming to Australia to do some ministry/leadership training/parenting workshops? Would love to have you here 🙂

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