Social media making kids less “social”

Posted on: 02/27/17 3:28 AM | by Jonathan McKee

My friend Ryan brought this YouTube video to my attention… a creative insight into how social media is making us less “social.” It’s super short, incredibly insightful… and guarantied to provoke conversation.

Here’s the video and some followup questions to engage in meaningful conversation with your kids:

Questions you could ask:

  1. What’s one thing that he said that really stuck out at you?
  2. Is he right? Explain.
  3. Why do you think he argued that social media makes us “anti-social”?
  4. Why do you think he says many of us with huge friend lists are actually “friendless”?
  5. He said we measure self worth by followers. Do you think people fall into that kind of thinking?
  6. What are some ways we can make sure that our devices don’t divide us?

For more discussion on this subject, take a peek at my book, 52 Ways to Connect with Your Smartphone Obsessed Kids.

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  1. Social media is no longer just a social activity, and using technology is no longer just a way to pass time. It is a way of life, and problems surrounding it are making their way into society.

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