Skeptical about Zombies

Posted on: 08/19/13 3:30 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Not a lot of people know exactly how many hurdles I encountered trying to publish a Christian book for teenagers with the word “zombie” in the title. I won’t name publishers, but I had several tell me verbatim, “Sorry, we can’t publish anything with the word zombie in the title.”

My Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers was officially released last Thursday, and by its release date we were already blessed with piles of pre-orders and even 18 reviews from youth workers and parents who gave it a try on Amazon. Many have approached the book with skepticism, but so far, anyone who has actually given it a gander (we provide the first four chapters as a free download here) has responded positively to its forthright approach using a fictional premise to provoke conversations with teenagers about real issues teens are facing today.

I ‘m humbled with the positive response. I’ve actually enjoyed hearing many share about their initial doubts, like blogger Rick Nier when he posted a candid review about the book on his blog last week:

So there’s this great book about zombies that’s going to help you reach teenagers for Christ.

Yeah, right…

I came across The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers by Jonathan McKee. Followers of my blog have seen me mention that name before. I like his stuff. But zombies?

Yes, friend…zombies.

Call it striking the pan while the oil is hot if you want, but this book is the real deal. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end of the first chapter, I was hooked.

Jonathan has set this book up as a journal from a teenager who has survived with his brother in a post-Havoc world where zombies reign free. Dangers abound and Chris, the kid in question, decides to journal his knowledge to help others survive.

As I’m reading through the first journal entry, without realizing what was coming, I’m telling myself, ‘Man, I know how I would spiritualize this and share it with teens.’ Then Bam! I get to the end of the chapter and see discussion questions, a scripture passage to read and even an activity to cement the truth.

27 short journal entries make for an entertaining story, though without the graphic detail that many Hollywood movies offer. And the questions and exercises after each chapter make this a great resource, either for student devotions or a small group… I plan on buying several for my teens this fall….

Thanks for that Rick! I appreciate your honesty.



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7 Replies to “Skeptical about Zombies”

  1. Read the book and brain almost exploded with the possibilities of how to use it to draw youth closer to Christ! Had to maintain control to keep zombies at a bay!
    Quick read that initially has you saying “huh?” But ultimately leaves you saying “okay”. Spoke about it with a co-worker and we parted saying “zombie retreat”. Invest in the book-you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Just got this book in the mail the other day – it’s for my 11 year old son. He was stoked for two reasons, #1 it’s got Zombie Apocalypse in the title, and #2 you autographed it. That made him feel like he was super-awesome! I know he’ll read it for the word Zombie alone. I’ll let you know what he thinks.

  3. Man alive, Jonathan! Last year our fall retreat theme was zombies, which we based off of an excellent article in the Immerse Journal. Is time-travel real yet? Because I’d love to put these in students’ hands a year ago. Looking forward to it now, though!

    P.S. Pun intended.

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