The Seahawks… and Jesus?

Posted on: 01/22/14 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Russell WIlsonWhen you think of the Seattle Seahawks, maybe “Jesus” isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind, but you might be surprised how many of the team’s roster are followers of Christ… even their quarterback, Russell Wilson.

If you follow my Facebook or Twitter, you know two things about me and football: I’m a Broncos fan (and finally a good year to be one), and I really don’t like the Seahawks. As a matter of fact, whoever is playing the Seahawks… that’s who I’m rooting for!

Despite my disdain for the Seahawks, I have to admit… I’ll be secretly rooting for Russell Wilson Super Bowl Sunday.

Check out this inspiring interview of Wilson, coach Rocky Seto, and other Seahawks players like Chris Maragos and Russell Okung:

It’s nice to see the raw humility and Kingdom perspective. “If we were to win the Super Bowl… Jesus is still better.” Here’s another YouTube video of Wilson, coach Seto and others sharing even more of their story.

Notice the stark attitude contrast to… for example… this guy:

So amazingly talented, yet so incredibly cocky. Defend him if you like… some have… but I’ll defer to the great coach Tony Dungy in his Tweet shortly after Sherman’s interview:

“Richard Sherman made the play to win it. But show a little class Richard.”

@MBarlow responded:

“I’m sorry but I like the raw honesty.”

Dungy responded:

“I like honesty but I admire class!

So despite Sherman’s constant trantrums, and my love for the Broncos… I must say, I won’t be bummed if Wilson and these other guys get a ring Super Bowl Sunday.

Side note: if you’re having a Super Bowl party, you might like this. In our quiver full of free resources for youth workers over at, we always provide some fun tools for your Super Bowl parties, linking games, and videos like the Seahawks video above. We also provide an annual Super Bowl Quiz to liven up your Super Bowl Party (here’s last year’s quiz). Watch for this year’s quiz on that same page in the next week!

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4 Replies to “The Seahawks… and Jesus?”

  1. I definitely like the comments by the panel of Seahawks better than the one by Richard Sherman. I want to believe that he just had a bad moment…I know I’ve said and done some pretty dumb stuff at times.
    For me and my house we will cheer the Seahawks! Almost sounds biblical…maybe not 🙂
    Looking forward to the Super Bowl quiz again this year. $25 Outback gift certificate to the winner.

  2. Thanks for sharing those YouTube videos! I’m not a huge football nut but I enjoy hearing the stories of those athletes. What a great message they have. I’m making a note of these videos for future youth/family ministry use. Today’s kids and parents need to hear the message that the sport you play, the activity you do, the subject you excel in is not the end-all of life. I think these players communicate that well. You can love what you do and find meaning in it when you do it to God’s glory and in thankfulness to Him!

  3. Love the videos, especially your link under the first video for the amazing 15-minute video of Russell Wilson and friends sharing their faith in Making of a Champion: Seattle Seahawks. This would be awesome to show to all of our friends and youth groups at halftime of the Super Bowl!
    More Christians on the Seahawks? Check out these tweets from Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, and let’s support these brothers in prayer so that the world will know that in Christ there is eternal joy and forgiveness for the times in our lives when our responses may have been too raw and offensive . . . and for the thousands of worse messes we’ve made:

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