Registering Alec

Posted on: 07/9/11 3:18 PM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s official. I’m old.

This weekend we go down to Southern California and officially register my 18-year-old son for college, pay our first payment (Mama Mia!!!), watch him pick his classes, etc.

I’ve only got a little more than a month left with my boy at home! (Sniff, sniff) My talk about this process is slowly becoming a reality.

Many of you have been hearing tidbits over the years from me about Alec and his quest for a college. You might remember literally almost 2 years ago when Alec and I looked at several Christian colleges 300 miles south of our home. Since then he’s been on several speaking trips with me (one where he took the stage and talked to young people about Bullying), another trip looking at schools… and last year he finally made up his mind.

So Monday we’ll be at Vanguard University for registration and orientation. Then near the end of August he’ll be driving down there to start school.

I’m looking forward to this little family trip. All five of us are going, then we’re gonna visit Mickey and Goofy, hit the beach… have a little family time. My girls really enjoyed visiting the schools last time (we visited Westmont, Biola, Vanguard and more). It really started them thinking about their future. We’ve had some good conversations since then.

Pray for our travel… and that Alyssa doesn’t barf on Space Mountain!

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