Reflecting on Last Week’s Teen Choice Awards

Posted on: 08/11/08 1:51 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last Monday night the Teen Choice Awards was not only the cleanest it has been in four years, it was also the most viewed in four years, with 4.4 million viewers (as reported by Media Life). Blame it on Miley or the Jonas Bros (the popularity, or even how clean it was)… the results were a hit with teens, tweens and kids.

Last week I gave my annual report on the award show, a television event that I call a “must see” for youth workers. In that report, I remind youth workers that the show doesn’t provide the whole picture if you don’t know the “content behind the names.”

This year the TCAs provided keen insight as to what kids are watching and listening to. The show always is a great pop culture barometer, allowing teens (or anybody who logs onto their website) to vote as many times as they want on a huge collection of entertainment-based favorites including movies, TV shows, music, fashion, and more. Just as the show boasts, the TCAs lets teens share “their choice and their voice.”

Every year this two hour show reveals volumes to parents and youth workers about the content being thrown at our kids- we should pay attention. But understand, a glimpse of the list of winners doesn’t reveal a thing if you don’t know the content behind the names. That’s why I am filling this article with links so you can click to read more or even peek at videos and lyrics from some of these “role models.”

And that’s just what we did. We provided you with links about Miley, the Jonas Bros, Gossip Girl, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Katy Perry, Usher…. you name it. Click here for the entire article.

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  1. Im sorry Miley Sirus is a horrid role model and I can not believe people actually watch her whatever happened to girls like Hilery duff?

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