Ready-Made Youth Talks

Posted on: 05/6/09 11:59 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Last week YS/Zondervan did another reprint of my 10-Minute-Talks book and I just received another 1,000 of them here at my office. On Tuesday I sent out an offer to all our EZINE subscribers with a special low price and free shipping… I wanted to extend that to you.

10-Minute-Talks is a book I wrote to put in the hands of youth workers that are looking for some “ready-made” talks/sermons. The book has 24 of these talks and includes a CD with transcripts of all the talks as well as a corresponding small group curriculum.

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback about the book. Just a couple weeks ago I was teaching a workshop and someone pulled me aside to let me know how much they appreciated this resource. Half of the talks are geared toward outreach, and the other half are geared toward Christian students who need to grow in their faith. All the talks are story based: one story, one scripture, one point. Simple to memorize, easy to deliver. The small group curriculum on the CD makes it even better, because now you can use it for your entire evening’s curriculum.

Click here if you want to order it now at 25% off, also taking advantage of the FREE U.S. shipping.

Click here if you want to see one of the talks that we posted on my site last fall- something you can use this week.