A Little Taste of Christmas

Posted on: 11/27/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

My Twitter and Facebook followers know that my wife Lori has been itching for Christmas since a little before Halloween, already playing Christmas music in our office mid October.

Here’s a little sum-something trending on YouTube to help you bring in that Christmas spirit– great vocals:

(the group is Pentatonix, an a cappella group who won the third season of NBC’s The Sing Off)

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3 Replies to “A Little Taste of Christmas”

  1. Even though I have a strict rule of only listening to Christmas music starting December 1st, I suppose I’ll watch this video… But only because I’m excited that The Sing-Off is coming back soon!

  2. Being part of an acappella tradition in Churches of Christ I can full appreciate Pentatonics. To do an amazing job of blending together and have an energy in their music that is unrivaled. I loved watching and hearing them perform in the Sing Off too and looking forward to the new season in December. Thanks for sharing this music video. Happy Thanksgiving, Jonathan!

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