Online Obstacles

Posted on: 03/26/09 8:37 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I just got off the phone with David talking about next week’s article for our Youth Culture Window page (it will be on our site Sunday). The article is about what kids are doing online and their “online integrity” compared to “real life” integrity. Fascinating stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m putting my final touches on my parenting seminar I’ll be teaching in New Jersey on Saturday morning. In this particular seminar, Parenting the Texting Generation, I always include a lot of current information about youth culture, attitudes and trends. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve looked at iTunes, Billboard,, etc. It’s amazing… these sites never cease to amaze me. I found myself dropping my jaw several times looking at the “most downloaded” and “most popular artists” that this generation is filling their heads with.

Check out iTunes Top 10 Downloaded Songs today:

(Does anyone wanna try tell me that Hip-hop isn’t dominating the charts?) If you want a real treat, go to iTunes and click on each of those songs and give them a listen. Or jump onto a lyrics site (just Google “Lil Wayne Hot Revolver Lyrics”) and check out the words.

And iTunes Top 10 Music Videos today:

This list includes even more sexually explicit words and images (note that “J**z In My Pants” is still on the list, along with “If U Seek Amy“).

Two of my three kids have iPods and can access iTunes on our family computer. I monitor what they download and we talk about music frequently. I’m just saddened by how difficult it’s getting to dodge the filth that’s being thrown at our kids. I don’t want to raise my kids in a shoebox… but there’s times I feel like yanking that cord out of the wall!

Well… back to my studies. I’ve gotta finish my presentation about not over-reacting and yanking the plug out of the wall, but teaching values and discernment so that our kids can be like Daniel, resolving on their own not to defile themselves as they encounter the outside world someday.

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  1. I am looking forward to that new article about online integrity. When i read the comments on youtube, I know that so much of what is said there would never be vocalized by the people who type it in the comment column. everyone always calls the people in the vids losers, but i was so disgusted the other day when i looked for a clip from the movie “Elephant Man” that ya’ll had recommended. the comments on every elephant man clip went from crude to heartless to making me want kill the idiot that made them. It’s like you’re not really you when your logged on. I hope that’s not them anyway. Thanks, as always.

  2. Is it possible to get notes for the “Parenting the Texting Generation”? I would love to read them as many of my parents have the same challenge. Thanks!

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