Olympic Athlete Talks Candidly about Virginity

Posted on: 05/24/12 12:33 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve heard a lot of Christian celebrities talk about virginity…but never so candidly.

I really like this video. I don’t know much about Olympic athlete Lolo Jones. I don’t know if she has a faith, or about many of the decisions she’s made (she actually has done a few photo shoots that are a little edgy and risque’). But she makes it clear in this video that she wants to wait until marriage for sex, why she thinks that’s smart, and how incredibly difficult it’s been. Pretty cool! Lolo did a great job with this interview, demonstrating a nice balance of humor and transparency.

Last week I blogged about talking to teenagers about sex, and one of my readers, Roger Brown, commented, linking this article and video.

For more about talking to teenagers about sex, jump on our TRAINING TOOLS page on our youth ministry site and scroll down to Shhhhh! Don’t Talk About Sex! and Telling Teenagers the Explicit Truth About Sex.

2 Replies to “Olympic Athlete Talks Candidly about Virginity”

  1. Great post, although I noticed that, right after the youtube video when it gives you other youtube options, one of the videos is “LOLO Jones: The sexy virgin photoshoot”. I refrained from clicking on THAT video, but it seems that while she’s holding on to her virginity, she’s got no problem with nude/partial nude magazine photos. Weird.

  2. Ms. Jones did a great job in the interview … but I thought her stated position was supposed to be the norm. Apparently it is not, at least not in the eyes of the reporter. Did you see her reaction to Ms. Jones? Clearly the reporter thinks Lolo is “outside the norm”, and that she is taking an “extreme” stance.

    I was not phased or surprised by Ms. Jones statements. I was disheartened by the response of the reporter’s shock that anyone would live their life in that way. I know I shouldn’t have been, and as I thought about it more, the reality of the situation seemed more clear.

    So here’s something to consider. Do you realize that today, you are considered to be an “extremist” if you …
    … believe in personal responsibility and accountability for your own actions and decisions.
    … believe in the traditional (Biblical) definition of marriage.
    … believe in practicing abstinence until marriage.
    … believe in financial responsibility, not living on credit or on others.

    In other words, you are only “normal” if you …
    … believe your problems are always the result of someone else’s actions.
    … believe that the traditional definition of marriage is discriminatory.
    … believe that sex outside of marriage is good and healthy.
    … believe that it’s “fair” to vote for someone else to pay higher taxes to pay for your “free” checks from the government.

    I guess I’ll just have to get used to being … an “extremist”.

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