NYWC Pittsburgh

Posted on: 10/31/08 8:50 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Last night YS kicked off their second National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC) of 2008, the one in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m excited about this convention because I’m going to be kicking it with my “Steelers” fan (don’t hold it against him), Todd Pearage.

Todd is a PA native and is often found donning a Steelers jersey. Ya gotta love a guy who supports his home team. You’ll usually find me in a Manchester United shirt… and I’m from California. Yeah… whodathunkit! What can I say… Manchester rocks (and many of you are probably asking yourselves right now, “who the heck is Manchester United?” I’ll let you Google that one.) Most of you know Todd from our movie review page and several of the podcasts he has done with us. Todd and I did the Top Five Movies of the Year podcast last year… we’ll be doing that one again this year. I’m glad we get to hang out at this convention together.

I’ll be doing two seminars at this PA convention, one, a brand new training based off my new book 10-Minute Talks, and the other, also a brand new training from my upcoming book CONNECT: Engaging One on One Relationships in a World of Isolation. Here’s the schedule and descriptions of these seminars from the YS site:

If you’re one of the thousands of youth workers at the convention, say hi after one of my seminars. I’d love to meetcha face to face.

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