New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on: 12/29/08 10:36 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’m trying to take a little time off with the family the next few days before I fly off again… so I’ll leave you with a list of my 5 resolutions for next year.

1. Yell less. I’m a parent, I’m Irish, and I’ve got teenagers in the home… there’s usually some yelling involved. I’m going to try to handle situations more like Clint Eastwood. Instead of yelling at my son, I’m just going to ask him, “Do you feel lucky… punk?”

2. Read more of the Word with my wife. This resolution will probably help the first one. In the last year Lori and I have spent some time studying the Bible and praying together, but not nearly enough. Lori loves this time, and I do too… when I actually do it. I’m wanting to have more of these times, so I’m resolving to make it happen.

3. See the 160’s on the scale. Some of you remember me talking about my weight before. I LOVE food. It’s my vice. That’s why I hit the 200’s a few years back (not a pretty picture). In the last year, I’ve really been working out hard and got down to the low 180s, I even hit 179 for a few days (before the holidays). But I really want to see 169 at least once. I’d be happy to settle in the low 170s… I just want to see my old friend 169 just for a day!

4. I want to bench-press 300. Call it what you want, but part of my getting back in shape has been hitting the weights again. Realize, in high school I was a lightweight (135 poundish), but I always liked lifting. I got close to benching 200 in high school, but never hit it. A few years ago I hit that mark. Now that I’m trying to get into shape, I’m up to about 235 on the bench… and trying to increase. Yes, 300 is a pretty lofty goal. Can I up it 65 pounds in one year and hit the 300 mark? I have no clue. But I’ve gotta have something to strive for.

5. I want to see our Training Tools page come to fruition. Most of these goals have been personal goals… but I’m pretty dang excited about this ministry goal. David and I are working on a training tools page that would offer youth workers two needed resources: online computer-based training for all youth workers, and “ready-made” power point  and training outlines for youth leaders. We’ve already started this, we hope to be launching three of the training outlines with powerpoint in the next couple months. This resource is gonna rock. And like all the other stuff on our site… it will be free.

How’s that?

Wow… that would be cool if I could look back and have accomplished those 5 things by the end of 2009.

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  1. Good resolutions Jonathan! Of course you can hit the 300 Bench Press this year. (if you keep it up of course) And 169 should be easy from where you’re at. I’m shooting for a 25 pound weight loss by June. The new Training addition will be great. Keep it up! You are a great assett to us in the Youth Working community.

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