First Launch

Posted on: 03/8/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This coming Sunday I’m teaching a brand new parenting workshop at a church just outside of Milwaukee, based on a parenting curriculum Doug Fields and I are co-authoring.

This all started with a series of blog posts I wrote about setting guardrails. These articles springboarded a discussion between Doug and I, and next thing we know we were collaborating on this new curriculum for parents, which is in its final edits and will be released in May, just in time for when we both teach at the FAM Conference.

It’s been really fun working with Doug. It’s no secret he’s creative and brings all kinds of wisdom and experience to the table, but he’s also a great listener. It’s never all business with Doug. Its “How’s Alec? How’s Lori and the girls?”

This Sunday will be the first launch of this new workshop. I’m really excited about it because it not only helps parents set realistic & helpful guardrails, but it also equips parents to empower their kids with age-appropriate freedom, preparing them to make decisions on their own.

This can be tough for parents– slowly releasing the grip, especially with so many distractions available to young people today… just in the smartphone in their pocket. That’s why I’ll be spending a chunk of time educating parents about some of these distractions and how we can engage in ongoing conversations about what they’re putting in their heads.

Exciting stuff!

(Or maybe I’m just excited because it’s the second weekend in a row I get to fly into Chicago… and eat Giordano’s Pizza!)



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  1. I too love Giordanos. Hope the weekend went well. I find that I wish the parents had this stuff when their kids were in early elementary. The jr and sr high years go too fast and have more issues that are needing 911. Better to prepare before then.

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