Neck Deep in Manure

Posted on: 04/23/10 8:57 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve always got my eyes on the news looking for illustrations or discussion starters. This headline definitely caught my eye:

Police Find Suspect Neck-deep in Liquid Manure Pit

Apparently a man wanted on meth charges was hiding from the police and thought, “They’ll never find me in here!”

(I pause for laughter)

How would you like to be the cops who had to pull him out and cuff him! (the article says he became combative and had to be shocked twice with a stun gun!)

Funny that someone would resist being pulled from manure.

Hmmmmm. Neck-deep in manure… sounds crazy…but our kids hide in it every day. Just look at the top songs on iTunes and Billboard (I gave you a peek at the top 10 last week). That’s a high concentration of crap. And according to the January Kaiser report, our kids average 2 hours and 19 minutes of music per day.

Music has always been a means of escape for people. Teenagers often turn to music when feeling down or depressed. Research shows that music can release chemicals in the brain that triggers certain memories or make you feel better. This is the point of Miley’s hit song, Party in the USA. A girl is feeling bad and insecure, but then, according to the song’s lyrics, “the Britney song was on” or “the Jay Z song was on…” and “I know I’m gonna be okay.” (We actually wrote a Music Discussion starter using this song)

Miley’s song has some truth. Music does give a temporary thrill. The Bible talks about David using music to soothe Saul’s temper. I love music. And Miley’s song is probably pretty true to this culture, naming two artists that are very popular (Britney and Jay Z). It’s just too bad that the lyrics coming out of both of these artists are pure crap.

Do you know what your kids are immersing themselves in?

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  1. love this illustration jon! i can’t imagine you wouldn’t have the entire audience’s attention after mentioning this story! great segue into a talk about the music our student’s listen to!

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