The Mystery Tweet Contest

Posted on: 05/28/12 10:12 PM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s happening in the next week or so… no one knows when or how. I’m not giving you the details, I’m just revealing the prize!

It’s this simple. Starting right now, I’m sponsoring a “Mystery Tweet Contest” on my Twitter page. I’m not telling you what activity I’m rewarding or when I’m awarding it, but I’m going to be giving the winner of this little contest a copy of my new evangelism DVD Curriculum REAL CONVERSATIONS along with 5 Participant Guides!

It could happen tomorrow… it could happen in a week. I’m not telling. (This is so fun!)

So what should you do for the next week or so?

  1. Sign up to Follow me on my Twitter page if you don’t already
  2. Spread the word by ReTweeting the Tweets that you like

Pay attention… I’ll announce the winner on my Twitter page soon!

Happy Tweeting!

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