My Girls

Posted on: 10/22/08 12:28 PM | by Jonathan McKee

My girls are so dang cute!

Lori and I went on a run today and the girls (Alyssa and Ashley… 13 and 11) rode their bikes next to us. They cut out early when we rounded a corner by the house and rode their bikes in our cul-de-sac.

When Lori and I finished running, we didn’t see the girls. As we turned up our driveway we saw them sitting by the house playing with something on the ground. You have to realize how creative my Alyssa is… she makes little crafts or projects out of any household utensil! Don’t ask!

Here’s what we saw.

Yeah… they have different colored leaves as checkers! (the board is made from bark fragments ground into the sidewalk). Alyssa claims they were going to play blackjack, but they thought it would take too long to mark up all the leaves.


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