Ministry BY Teenagers

Posted on: 11/10/10 12:32 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Have you ever considered what a youth ministry would look like if it eased back on it’s ministry TO teenagers, and focused more on ministry BY teenagers?

I just received the final proof of my brand new book, MINISTRY BY TEENAGERS, a book that will be in print and available on our site in the beginning of December.

I’m really excited about this one. In my book CONNECT I wrote about the balance needed in ministry between Outreach and Spiritual Growth. I think there’s a shortage of good resources out there that really help us develop Spiritual Growth in our students (those “right column” kids I talked about in CONNECT).

David and I combined our collective experience in youth ministry with this book to provide a practical and detailed guide for how to develop spiritual growth in teenagers.

The designer just sent me the back cover yesterday too. I like how it turned out:

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  1. You give all new meaning to being a part of a “book of the month” club. You write more than I have time to read every year.


  2. I’m not sure if that last endorsement is worth anything or not, but it sure looks slick. 😉 Although it’s like 3 times longer than the other ones. He needs to be less wordy.

  3. Thanks again Jonathan,
    It’s evident when books are written from people who know whats going because they live what they write. I feel like when you address a subject I’m having the same struggles and your barometer of culture and youth ministry are spot on.

  4. Well I’m definitely interested already! Something i’ve wanted to be more focused on but not getting much support with. Blessings in getting it out in to the hands of those who will do it!

  5. I just downloaded this to my Kindle last night. I’ve skimmed the chapters and they look SOLID. Am looking forward to digging in this week. I found this book yesterday totally by accident (I think it was a God thing).
    I just finished a series about being the BODY of Christ and ended by calling my students to step up and take responsibility within our student ministry and to be ministers themselves.
    I may be a few weeks behind in digging in to this book, but it sure seems timely and I look forward to gleaning some ideas and principles and maybe avoid some pitfalls.
    Thanks for your ministry!

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