Miley’s Wrecking Ball

Posted on: 09/17/13 7:44 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s really been sad watching the downward spiral of Miley over the last 5 years. I say that with sincerity, as the father of two girls who used to watch the Hannah Montana show. It’s sad seeing a childhood hero make decisions that hurl a wrecking ball through her life.

Miley gets completely naked in her newest music video Wrecking Ball, in true iTunes “clean” style, never showing the few inches of real estate that would result in an explicit label. She just rides the wrecking ball naked, licking a sledgehammer while singing “all you ever did was wreck me.” The video has already garnered over 100 million views on VEVO.

Is that her goal?


On the surface, things might look pretty good for Miley. He new song Wrecking Ball is number one on iTunes and is projected to go No. 1 on Billboard. We Can’t Stop is still in the top 10 iTunes videos, and high on the Billboard charts.

But then the wrecking ball swings. Her engagement with Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth is broken. Her fans are backlashing. Miley might need to ask herself, Do I want followers, or fans?

Miley has always wanted approval from her fans– her “Smilers.”  Just a few days ago she tweeted:

But her antics of late have stirred up more criticism than praise. Her “Smilers” lost their smile. Today the top 5 iTunes comments for her Wrecking Ball video read:

Miley is white trash. The end.

This is too much. I feel like I’m watching porn. And I’m totally not interested her body.

Bad video poor girl she is so desperate.

Who actually licks a hammer in real life?

She’s such scum. I don’t see how anyone can be a fan of hers. She is disgusting. People say “oh she’s young and trying to find herself and grow up.” But this is not growing up! Swinging around nude. Practically giving oral to a  hammer? That’s not okay for anyone. She was more of a grown up playing Hannah Montana…

I’m not sure Miley would even disagree with that last comment. In her recent interview in Harper’s Bazaar she said, “I was an adult when I was supposed to be a kid. So now I’m an adult and I’m acting like a kid.”

Miley… are you listening to your Smilers?

Do you want followers and gawkers… or do you want fans?

3 Replies to “Miley’s Wrecking Ball”

  1. I was a youth pastor for many years, and this pattern is all too familiar to me. I’m praying she comes around. She’s alienating those that have supported her, and stoking the fires of those who oppose her. If it all comes crashing in on her – as seems to be already happening – I’m afraid of this ending in suicide, as some of my students’ lives nearly did.

  2. my 2 teenager girls used to love Hannah, now whenever they talk about her they roll their eyes and dismiss her actions as trashy and immature. I know that Miley lost all her fans in my family.

  3. It appears she mixes sexual perversion with child-like behavior, that odd-kind of behavior that Michael Jackson had. It must have something to do with being so famous so young. Its depressing to see how much public attention she gets for her behavior – and it appears that she is desperately seeking attention. Makes you wonder what she will do next. I also feel like she is a puppet to those who surround her and want to use her publicity to make money and who are giving her Hollywood-style advice. When she’s no longer useful – they may discard her. I hope she gets some type of intervention

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