Linus Reads Luke 2 This Week

Posted on: 12/6/10 10:02 AM | by Jonathan McKee

In a world where Christ is slowly disappearing from Christmas, we still are going to hear Luke 2 read on network television this week on Tuesday night… by a kid who still drags around his blanky.

Blog reader Adam reminded me that the Charlie Brown Christmas is on this week on ABC. For me the show is not only good wholesome entertainment, it’s nostalgic. This Christmas special is part of Christmas. Many of us grew up with it.

For those who were raised in a cave and haven’t seen this special, Peanuts character Linus actually reads Luke chapter 2. Powerful stuff!

It’s funny… the special was supposed to be on right after thanksgiving but got bumped by an important presidential announcement about Afganistan. So pray that it doesn’t get bumped again!

Tune in to ABC Tuesday night to see it.

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  1. I’ve always loved and looked forward to seeing the Charlie Brown specials each year but it drives me nuts when another voice replaces a character in a new version. I guess that’s the purist in me.

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