Katy Perry the Host

Posted on: 06/13/10 3:32 PM | by Jonathan McKee

You know Katy Perry as the girl who Kissed a Girl and Liked It, or most recently, the girl with the naughty hand gestures at the MTV Movie Awards when singing about how the California Girls are so hot that they “will melt your popsicle.” Who better to host the next Teen Choice Awards on August 9th.

The Teen Choice Awards is Fox’s chance to both reflect and currupt our culture annually. Last year the Awards was where Miley did her little pole dance.

This year, with Katy at the Helm, we can probably expect a lot more sexual humor. Her few minutes of screen time before and after the MTV Awards last weekend gave us just a glimpse of that.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Perry will “both host and perform at the show” this year.


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  1. i want to wretch after reading this and the article on the new MTV shows coming this summer. Thanks again Jon and David for giving us a glimpse of the smut that is coming our student’s way from the media pipeline. I believe it was Nancy Reagan who said, “If God doesn’t judge the United States, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” Articles like this make me realize how urgent it is as youth leaders & ministers to keep the standard of righteousness, morality and honor raised to this generation.

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