What happened to my face?

Posted on: 12/17/12 12:30 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ll give a copy of my brand new book, MORE 10-Minute Talks (coming this New Year) to the first three people that can guess exactly what happened to my nose! (It’s quite a story.) First three people, or the three closest guesses. Use the comment feature below– one guess per person! I’ll announce the winners soon!

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  1. It was an icicle that fell from your roof While you were getting out the kayak… Careful – those things will put your eye out!

    1. I have a feeling that this guess is based on experience. Have you had a bad experience with a pyracantha bush Shanna? Go ahead… let it all out! It’s okay. It’s safe to share. No one is judging you.

  2. You were licking envelopes for Christmas letters. A loud shout came from the kitchen, startling you. Thus…envelope paper cut. Turned out on of your girls was excited to see yummy Christmas treats on the kitchen counter.

  3. Hmm…you were wrestling with your kids (wait, grandkids?) when you received a scratch from an offending fingernail. Remind them to round the corners next time they are trimmed! I suggest a bonus book to be sent out for creativity and intriguing prose.

  4. Someone tried taping your nose with a tape gun, and the metal blade scraped you. That happened between two of our students on a service trip and it looked exactly like that!

  5. You bent down to get something off the floor at the movies and the chair in front of you caught your nose.

  6. Well … it all started … not once upon a time … but rather … a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way … the hills were alive, with the sound of music … and as far back as you can remember, you always wanted to be a … but I digress … the old north wind began to blow … and chestnuts (not Chet’s nuts) but chestnuts were roasting on an open fire … and the short of it is … yes this really was the short version … you better watch out, you better not cry … better not pout I’m tellin’ you why … Christmas trees really can fall over and hit you in the face. Now remember to listen to Lori next time she tells you not to rearrange ornaments on the tree without Alex there to help.
    Oh, and … ho,ho,ho … Merry Christmas!

  7. I’m thinking that you were sharing a story of how you hurt your nose from another time, in dramatic fashion, when your un-manicured nails scratched your nose again. Thus, you now have a story within a story.

  8. You were taking off your sweater and scratched your nose while trying to manouver your big head out of that way to small whole.

  9. i know you know it…so that’s the guess that is pretty close…Cheers!!! Happy Christmas!!! and I appreciate your work bro…God Bless!!!

  10. A bird carrying a piece of paper dove down to shield your head from another bird’s rapidly falling droppings, accidentally causing the large lower part of the cut with the paper he had clenched in his claws. The smaller top part of the cut was caused by the very tip of one of the bird’s claws. The good news: no poop on your head!

  11. It looks like it really hurt based on how red (& crooked) the rest of your nose is. My guess is you were wrapping presents while eating cookies, and you went to wipe a crumb off your mouth and the tape dispenser in your hand sliced your schnoz…

    1. Ha… I’m laughing outloud at this one, because when I first looked at the pic, I said to myself, “Dang, my nose is crooked!!!!” The crooked nose is from when I was on the wrestling team in 9th grade (a few years ago) and the guy I was on top of reached back (a really dumb move on his part, actually) to try to escape, elbowing me right in the nose. My nose started gushing and we couldn’t stop it from bleeding, regardless of what my coach shoved inside it (and that is an entirely different contest, what my coach shoved inside my nose). Ended up forfeiting that match. Really bad memory actually. Never got the nose fixed.

  12. Fling,or boing.. of the plastic binding straps around recently received new case of books written by you and your team.

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