John Cleese on Football vs. Soccer

Posted on: 06/30/10 2:04 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I love the World Cup because it’s a time where America finally starts paying attention to soccer. (Neilson just released a report that the World Cup has reached one-third of all U.S. TV viewers) (Also, the USA– Ghana match drew the highest U.S. Soccer Audience ever.)

Apparently John Cleese would agree. More on that in a second.

I was just in the backyard practicing soccer with my 12-year-old, Ashley. Tonight we go to soccer practice together. I love it. It’s a great sport that produces some amazing athletes. In one pro soccer game the average midfielder runs 5 to 7 miles. These guys are studs!

Then there’s football.

Rather than me sharing my two cents… I’ll just turn it over to John Cleese. He sums it up well.

Hilarious! (CLICK HERE if you don’t see the embedded video above)

ht to David R. Smith- football fan. Sigh!

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8 Replies to “John Cleese on Football vs. Soccer”

  1. Sounds like a real expert on athletics; I’m sure he shared his opinion right before his mid-morning tea-time.

    Soccer is a cool sport, but America prefers American Football, the stats don’t lie.

  2. Sorry Jonathan, you’re gonna lose me on this one 🙂 american Football has more action in it and is MUCH more exciting to watch than “futbol” (soccer). That, and too many games in the wc ended in a tie or the blowouts were 1-0! Not my cup of tea, but apparently, it’s is Clease’s. And Nigeria had one shot on goal the entire game in one of their wc matches!!??!! LAME! Soccer is fun to play but I can’t watch it for 90 minutes straight. Sorry for the rant, but all this “America doesn’t get it” talk about soccer gets tiring. Let the rest of the world enjoy their mediocre sport. We Americans will enjoy real football 🙂

  3. Sorry Jonathan, Americans care about soccer the same way we care about Fourth of July Fireworks – it’s fun for about 15 minutes and then we get back to life. But Football is completely different. We have a football related story almost every day on ESPN (granted some of those are about players being arrested), we have the NFL Network which is football 24/7 365 days a year and don’t even get me started on Fantasy Football.

    I believe the number of soccer jerseys I see being worn “on the street” proves my point. Shoot, it’s July 1 and I’m already seeing football jerseys. In fact I see them all year long.

    But keep telling yourself that someday soccer will catch on. You keep trying to tell us that it’s better, more popular, more exciting than the NFL. In fact you have four years to work on it…cause that will be the next time we’ll be talking about soccer : )

  4. Real ‘foot’ ball??? (Emphasis on the ‘foot’)… Soccer is def more popular, but not in the States. Still, you’ve got time to catch on 😉

    What I love about ‘soccer’ in England anyway is the chanting, the atmosphere, the banter between fans. I think that’s what makes it for me, even when the games are dire. The World Cup had the droning vuvuzela drowning out any singing – well, that and the way England bombed so pitifully!! I guess it’s just what we’re used to growing up 🙂

    Love NFL though! Am off with a couple of mates in October to watch the game at Wembley between Broncos and 49-ers.

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