Interviewing Switchfoot

Posted on: 05/15/08 8:25 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Today I’m interviewing Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley. I’m doing a little research about the band. Their new song This is Home is the official Prince Caspian song, featured during the ending credits of Prince Caspian releasing in theatres tomorrow.

I saw the screening of Prince Caspian two nights ago… another subject… but let me quickly interject… AWESOME! You can catcha glimpse of both worlds (the world of Switchfoot and Prince Caspian) in Switchfoot’s new video which has clips from the film. Check it out.


Switchfoot wrote this song for the film. I think this was a good choice by the Narnia film-makers, because Switchfoot is made up of true narnia fans. (I remember way back in my previous interview with the band, Chad mentioning what a C.S. Lewis fan he was.)

In their press release for the film, Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman said, “We are so honored to be a part of the Prince Caspian film with ‘This Is Home.’ The Narnia stories have a really special place in my brother Tim and my lives. Our dad used to read these to us at bedtime when we were boys. Our imaginations were shaped on these amazing novels. 

“‘This Is Home’ was inspired by the book after re-reading it for the opportunity to write for the film,” continues Foreman. “I am always taken by [C. S.] Lewis’ ability to write about the bittersweet beauty in this world; this home we aren’t really made for but is the place we work out our humanity in the midst of our longing for our true home.”

Cool stuff!

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