Inside the Mind of Tweens and Teens

Posted on: 03/24/08 8:29 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This week we’ve been researching the self esteem of young girls. David wrote an amazing peice of research in this week’s Youth Culture Window- take a peek at that if you haven’t seen it. (More on that later this week.)

But today I want you to take a look at an amazing blog that reveals the secrets of tweens and teens. Heartbreaking to read. is a site that already draws kids with it’s fun blogging about Miley Cyrus, the Jonas brothers, etc. But this site offers something unique to members: a place to share your secrets! And that feature provides an incredible window into the hurting souls of youth today. (Thanks to Marko for the link) 

Take a peek at some of the secrets kids posted on this page.

“well.. im going out wit a guy and everone knows it. but secretly we make out, etc..” 

“I’m so confussed i don’t know if i like guys, girls,or both.” 

“!~I want 2 have sex, but im 13~! i also wish i can tell all my friends bout da true way i feel about EVERYTHING but i no dey would criticize me cuz dey hav b4!”

“um when i was at my best freinds house i did “stuff” with her Boy freind. IN her room” 

“i have though about througing up a few times just to lose wheight 

“My secret is kinda wierd. I’m going out with this huy and i dont think hes that cute but he’s really nice” 

“i feel like im about to explode. my heart hurts. i want this guy so badly, but he’s not online, so i cant talk to him, and now he might not even come to my party. hes my friends friend, and i havnt talked to him since 1st grade, but i’ve been dreaming about him. i want to explode with anxiety, anger, dissapointment and love. i NEED a boyfriend.” 

“I want a boy to like me. not that freaky boy that already does, but a boy that I could like back.

“well. my boyfriend broke up with me becuz i didnt hug him 1 time and i feel stupid”

“I’m freaking fat! Omg I’ 13, but I’m 138 lbs! *sniffle*” 

“I wish my mom wouldn’t think I’m a perfect little angel… becuase I’m not!!”