I’m Envious

Posted on: 01/22/09 1:14 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Shout out to David, my team of writers, and our whole web team at TheSource4YM.com

I don’t know how many of you regularly take a peek at our web site’s front page… because, wow! I can’t believe how much cool stuff is on our front page alone this week. I gotta brag about my people for a moment.

I just was just looking at this week’s page at www.TheSource4YM.com and thought, “Dang. I wish I had a resource like this 10 years ago when I was a full time youth guy!” You heard me correct. I’m envious of you youth workers today!  🙂

Having been where you are- we make it a priority to weekly update our front page with free resources at your fingertips. Name it: youth culture research, new resources, classic resources, spiritual growth curriculum & ideas, outreach curriculum & ideas, podcasts… it’s all there.

Check it out.

  • This week’s Youth Culture Window article is a great article about Brittany’s new attempt to slip vile lyrics “under the radar” of parents.
  • This week’s Four Minutes video is a great insight from evangelist Greg Stier about real conversations about theology that matters- including an exclusive link to a free download.
  • This week’s Outreach Resource of the Week is a brand new Movie Clip Discussion using the film Bolt. This Bible lesson provides all you need including small group questions, transition statements and a wrap up.
  • This week’s Spiritual Growth Resource of the Week is a brand new Bible Lesson on the power of our words.
  • The link to A LIL BIT, our podcast for kids, provides another brand new Bible study for your kids- a continuation into the book of Mark.
  • The link to THE SOURCE PODCAST is my interview with Hollywood dIrector Scott Derrickson about using movies as discussion starters.

Whew! All this on our front page this week.

A few years ago we started receiving an increasing number of emails from youth workers asking us to help them find the best resource for their venue that particular week. Basically, over the years, our web site had become so large that some people were literally overwhelmed with how many free resources and ideas we provided. So in the last year we have totally revamped the front page of our web site to provide you with a weekly supply of resources at your fingertips… at a glance!

Check it out yourself—it doesn’t get much easier than this.