Greg Stier on Embracing Real Conversations

Posted on: 01/21/09 10:20 AM | by Jonathan McKee

If you haven’t been following the new FOUR MINUTE videos that we’ve been putting up on our front page, we’ve been featuring a new one every three weeks or so.

I love the one we just put up there. Dare to Share’s Greg Stier talks about the need for youth workers to embrace real conversations about theology that matters. In this quick little video, he challenges us to be ready for questions that might even be uncomfortable. He also talks about a tool that will help us initiate these conversations, a brand new reality TV DVD series they offer called The Gospel Journey Maui. We have an exclusive free download of one of the episodes of this cool little show for you on their web site here.

Here’s the FOUR MINUTE video. 

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Good stuff!

3 Replies to “Greg Stier on Embracing Real Conversations”

  1. I have used the GOSPEL Jounrey and it was awesome. NO doubt MAUI will be too. Thanks Dare2Share, Greg Stier is awesome.
    Pringles Rock
    Thanks Johnathan!

  2. the cool thing about greg stier is, he is not a guy that says “ya’ll go out and witness while i sit here and make up more corny ways to present the gospel.” every time i hear from him, he has a recent personal story of sharing the gospel with someone. using love instead of some fake process. “i love you too much to let you go to hell.” i hope i can be more like him. btw all your stuff’s free but somehow you still have the jack to roll in that sweet altima. might want to hit that back seat with a vacuum. stier’s a pig.but he is king of the segue'(sp) “i have crumbs all over me, but that’s ok, cause i just did a reality show…” he’s awesome

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